Letter: The people need to take control of this Brexit deal

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Letter writer Roushanara Khatun says the people of the UK deserve a choice on whether to accept the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal...

A majority of people voted for Brexit in Kettering on the promise that we’d be better off, and the UK would have more control.

No-one voted for Brexit expecting to be worse off.

Nor did they ever conceive a deal where we remain tied to EU rules and regulations.

Prime Minister May’s deal means the UK loses its MEPs, commissioner, judges in the European Court of Justice, and its seat in the Council of Ministers.

Far from taking back control, we’ll be following rules for years, maybe decades, over which we have no say.

Britain, under this deal, will further decline in power, prestige and influence.

Our European partners are sad to see us split off. Only President Putin will be celebrating.

This Brexit deal bears no resemblance to what was promised by the Leave campaign. Mrs May says it’s a good agreement.

She says we either accept it or face a no-deal Brexit.

She is in effect saying we choose between shooting ourselves in both feet, or jumping over a cliff edge.

I say no.

We, the people, should take back control of Brexit, and should be empowered to choose between Mrs May’s deal, a no-deal exit, or accepting that although the European Union isn’t perfect, it’s the best deal for us, a peaceful Ireland, Gibraltar, our industry and our citizens who have moved to live and work in Europe.

The past two years have brought into stark view that the Conservative Brexiteers had no plan, no idea, no clue what to do.

Britain deserves a better choice.

From Roushanara Khatun, by email