LETTER OF THE WEEK: Will we see Nigel Farage stick up for Great Britain?

Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage.

Former UKIP leader and chief Brexiteer Nigel Farage was so proud of his association with Donald Trump, a man who praised Brexit.

Nigel Farage claimed and no doubt believed that Brexit would be good for Britain.

For a while UKIP seemed to hoover up all the protest votes, spooking Tory Party MPs including our own Philip Hollobone who proudly signed an accord with UKIP in return for their supporting him.

But now that Donald Trump is exposed as someone attacking his own allies with a trade war, Nigel Farage and indeed Philip Hollobone’s silence is deafening.

It is now so clear, with industrial output in the UK declining last quarter, that Brexit is hitting people in their pockets, and creating huge problems for industrial planning.

The prospect of crashing out of the Single Market and Customs Union is deeply damaging.

Our steel and aluminium industries may be relatively small compared to the past, but the knock-on effects of tariffs and lost sales, higher costs for US industries and retaliatory actions against US exports will hit world trade, and affect UK prosperity.

So when will we see Mr Farage fly over to Trump Towers to stick up for Britain?

Roushanara Khatun

By email