LETTER OF THE WEEK: Take the plunge and build a decent swimming pool

Kettering Swimming Pool. Credit: Neil Pickford
Kettering Swimming Pool. Credit: Neil Pickford

In those halcyon days when there was no such thing as the school run, and everyone either walked, cycled, or caught the bus to their place of secondary education, I can vividly remember my three-mile trek to school, which incorporated walking past Kettering’s present swimming pool, under construction on the corner of London Road and Bowling Green Road at the time.

I can also remember the sense of extreme disappointment that I felt when the pool eventually opened, and the facilities were found to be no better than what preceded it in Bath Lane.

No 10ft deep end and no diving boards.

Kettering Borough Council was set to discuss spending up to £50,000 on a feasibility study, which will decide whether or not to spend money on improving the facilities at the existing pool, or to take what would be for them, a leap of faith, and invest around £5 million of our Council Tax receipts on a brand new facility.

However, even if they do the unexpected, and decide to build a brand new pool, it will still only be a standard 25 metre pool.

I feel a sense of extreme deja vu coming on.

Corby has an Olympic size 50 metre swimming pool, built for a total cost of £19 million.

No half measures were taken by what can only be described at the time as a very progressive Corby Council, when they decided to go ahead and build their iconic swimming pool.

Which was not only a major improvement on what went before it, but also put the rest of the county’s aquatic facilities to shame.

The same cannot be said about the proposals which were put before Kettering Borough Council to debate on Tuesday, April 4.

But that is Kettering Borough Council for you, Conservative by name, conservative by nature!

If the council had their way, we wouldn’t have a swimming pool at all.

Getting everyone to take a dip in the Slade and Ise Brooks would be their preferred option!

Ivan Humphrey