LETTER OF THE WEEK: Shambolic Brexit should be brought to a halt now

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So the Brexit Shambles Box Set, as played on all our screens for over two years, enters a new season as lead actor David Davis is replaced by Dominic Raab who, despite being descended from a Czech refugee, is a Brexiteer.

Mrs May’s attempt to cajole all her Conservative cabinet – like rounding up a flock of feral cats – has failed.

An attempt to square the circle and have a supposedly “Soft Brexit”, which would be slightly less harmful to business and Ireland disintegrated within 48 hours.

No wonder that David Cameron got the hell out of the scene as quickly as he could, a foolish man but not without some insight.

It could be funny if it was only the Conservative Party digging itself in a hole.

However, it has jeopardised business planning and investment, stalled the economy, seen the pound plunge, put 3.5 million European Union citizens here and 1.5 million United Kingdom citizens over there in limbo and rubbed salt in the splits in Ireland and Scotland.

Now is the time for moderate Conservatives and the contortionist front bench of the Labour Party to join the Liberal Democrats and clear thinking MPs such as Chuka Umunna in simply halting the whole process of Brexit.

Even UKIP, who seemed to believe any price was worth paying to leave the EU, are condemning Mrs May’s proposals. Mrs May’s fudges are pleasing no-one.

Let’s put this Brexit Shambles Box Set on the horror shelf, and switch to a happier series!

Mr S R Jones

By email