LETTER OF THE WEEK: Proposal to electrify train line has gone off the rails

East Midlands Trains at Kettering railway station NNL-140514-153440001
East Midlands Trains at Kettering railway station NNL-140514-153440001

Last week, under the cover of breaking up for their holiday, the Tory government sneaked out important news that will affect Wellingborough for years to come.

Few have noticed it.

They announced they will cancel the plan for the electrification of the Midland Mainline from St Pancras to Sheffield, while retaining the plans for HS2.

Currently diesels haul trains beyond Bedford.

Electric trains would have transformed the service, increasing the speed and frequency of trains.

Besides, millions have already been spent altering and building bridges.

All wasted.

Need anyone mention the environment and building more and more roads?

The news casts a cloud over Stanton Cross andRushden Lakes because both are based upon the premise that Londoners with houses to sell and ends to meet will be attracted by an improved rail service to commute from Northamptonshire.

Not only Wellingborough is adversely impacted, Kettering and Corby are affected

What are our local MPs and the county and borough councils going to do about it?

Tony Banks