LETTER OF THE WEEK: Plan will ruin Wellingborough town centre

Jackson's Lane car park.
Jackson's Lane car park.

I write to express my deep concern and disappointment proposed by the chairman, Councillor Morrell and seconded by Councillor Graves, at the council planning meeting to support the Jackson’s Lane development as per the latest plans by developers.

Public feeling appears to be comparable with the closure of Glamis Hall.

I believe the plans, as set out, clearly do not take into account the numerous comments, emails and letters put to the council expressing real concerns by the folk of Wellingborough that are to be adversely affected by the development.

Neither were they consulted on the new documentation submitted by the developer approximately eight days prior to the planning committee.

I believe the plans do not support the needs of Wellingborough.

The deliberate intention of expecting all drivers to transfer from the Jackson’s Lane area to car parks that are either full, with time limits or not fit for purpose for today’s vehicles, and far away in the lower part of town, is wholly unacceptable.

I believe the plans do not have any car parking spaces allocated within the development.

I believe the plans do not provide parking within the development for visitors to properties along West Street; including any possibility for disabled visitor parking in or near the development.

I believe the plans do not include car parking for local businesses in the High Street area.

I believe the plans do not include adequate and much needed car parking for local residents in Jackson’s Lane and High Street area, for the nearby United Reformed Church – a listed building soon to be isolated – and other much visited established local facilities, churches and doctors.

I believe the plans, as set out, should not have been approved at the planning meeting.

What extensive car park facilities will the council be providing in Jackson’s Lane/High Street in the north of the town when the car park is sold to the developers and fenced off?

Wellingborough town is in our elected councillors’ hands.

It’s not looking too good for the future, is it?

Could the council planners please rethink this out seriously and take it back on board and perhaps consider a far better scheme instead of the disaster the approved by a “just get on with it” vote that will undoubtedly ruin Wellingborough town.

Ernest Cleaver
By email