LETTER OF THE WEEK: Hospital parking changes left us dreading next visit

The new ambulance-only entrance.
The new ambulance-only entrance.

I wish to let you know of my experience last week.

I took my wife to Kettering General Hospital for the first time since the parking alterations.

Her appointment was for 11am so we entered the car park queue at 10.30am alongside car park B heading for car park A where there are now lots of Disabled parking bays.

My wife has a Blue Badge due to painful mobility, so we need to be as near to Outpatients as possible.

We managed to get in the queue for car park A at the mini-roundabout.

At 10.45am we were still sixth in the queue so my wife had to get out and make her way for her appointment, she has a long walk when inside the hospital.

At 10.55am I got into the car park.

Unfortunately there were no spaces and about five cars were circulating in the car park hoping some one would leave.

This was from any bay.

It was just luck if you happened on someone leaving, which I did not.

At 11.30am while driving nearest the hospital I spotted my wife at the hospital doors and she spotted me.

I was able then to pull into one of the drop-off bays for her to get in and for me to pay.

It appears that because there are drop-off and pick-up bays in the car park, the machines are registering spaces when there are not.

I have since heard of people who have not been able to park, being told when phoning in from their cars while trying to park, to go home and make another appointment.

When we came out we again had to queue alongside car park B because cars were approaching it from both directions. When we left the hospital cars were queuing down Rothwell Road from the former entrance.

Thankfully my wife will not need to go for a further six months, but we will both be dreading the parking more than the appointment.

Richard Gell

By email