Left shaken up by dog attack

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I was walking my two small dogs in Hall Park, Rushden, late on Thursday afternoon, they were both on lead at the time.

We were only a couple of hundred yards into the park when a Staffie type dog came hurtling at us, bowled my youngest dog over, pinned her to the ground and proceeded to try and remove her throat and stomach.

The dog’s owner was worse than useless and had no control whatsoever, and I am a lady who is 64 years old and 4’ 11”. What does one do? My dog didn’t stand a chance.

I honestly don’t know where I found the strength from, and though there seemed a very real risk I was about to get bitten, I grabbed the Staffie’s harness and managed to hoist it up and away from my dog.

The owner finally shuffled over, and instead of apologising and asking if we were hurt, actually started swearing at me. He said that his dog couldn’t possible have done any harm because it had a muzzle on. I had not noticed this during the trauma, as it was the same colour as his fur so blended in. This man seemed to think that attacking us so violently was perfectly acceptable as long as his dog was muzzled.

The way I see it is, if his dog has such aggression that it needed a muzzle in the first place, then it also needs a lead in public. No way should it be allowed to run loose just because it is muzzled. I have no doubt whatsoever that it would have killed one, if not both of my dogs had that muzzle slipped.

By then, somebody else shouted across to the owner that his dog should be kept on a lead, then, a very kind lady came over and offered to escort us through the park, so I knew other people had witnessed this totally unprovoked assault too.

I was extremely upset and I felt this dog owner must be reported, so I went straight into Rushden Town Council offices and I must say, they were kindness itself, for which I was extremely grateful as I was very shaken.

If the Staffie owner reads this, I want him to know his number plate was noted and hopefully he will receive a visit from the authorities very soon.

Mrs J. Mitchell

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