Lakes scheme good for environment

The site of the proposed Rushden Lakes development
The site of the proposed Rushden Lakes development
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I write in support of the above proposal, having lived in the immediate area for more than 21 years.

It is a great scheme for this ideal location and will blend in beautifully with the existing Stanwick Lakes nature reserve.

It will also be an excellent asset for the whole country.

The modern shops are just an added bonus for tourism in this area.

It would be very good for all families, children and future local workers.

It is what this area needs and more importantly what the United kingdom requires NOW – infrastructure schemes and jobs!

In my opinion it will in no way affect Corby, Northampton and Kettering town centres. In fact it should help Kettering, making this area more viable all round.

Corby and Northampton are too far away and people are more concerned with travelling costs and environment matters these days.

This scheme is well thought out and good for the people, area and in particular the environment.

This is just what the United Kingdom requires.

We need well planned schemes that blend in beautifully with the areas, at the same time provide jobs and enjoyment and pleasure to the local populations.

Douglas John Baker


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Plant is very far from a done deal

I read the article re Norman Stronach’s appointment as Corby Council’s new chief executive with great interest and wish him well in this challenging role.

However, I was disappointed to read his comment that “the resource park at Brookfield Plantation is also in the pipeline”.

As your readers will no doubt be aware, this is a highly controversial issue, with a 1,000-signature petition opposing the development having been presented to Corby Council following a peaceful protest march by about 300 local people.

Why, when areas such as Bedford and Kings Lynn are opposing the construction of incinerators and waste plants, is Corby Council considering three such units?

Plans have been submitted for a gasification plant at Brookfield Plantation and an anaerobic digester and a pyrolysis plant at Shelton Road.

If these all get the go-ahead, is Mr Stronach really happy to see Corby turned into the dumping ground of the UK?

The development at Brookfield Plantation is far from the “done deal” this article seems to make it appear.

As far as I’m aware, the gasification plant still requires a licence from the Environment Agency, and the resource recovery park still needs planning permission from a committee of elected councillors sitting on the council’s development control committee.

Mr Stronach, we need and deserve good quality industry and permanent jobs for the people of Corby and its surrounding villages – not waste plants.

Mrs H Moore


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Campaign to stop scheme goes on

Brookfield Resource Recovery Plant is not a “done deal” and the campaign against this ill-conceived project continues.

The proposed plant will significantly impact upon the lives of people living in Weldon, Corby and surrounding villages. Residents of these areas will be forced to endure unpleasant odours and noise pollution from the plant.

The plant will destroy huge areas of woodland and kill dozens of different animal species.

The site proposed is ridiculous. There are huge numbers of vacant brownfield sites available on Corby’s industrial estates away from the homes of residents. Many of these sites already have planning permissions in place.

There is no reason why the developer could not select an alternative site where there will be no negative impact upon local people and where the development will not destroy enormous areas of woodland and the animals living there.

I remain opposed to this ill-conceived development, as do many others.

Peter Dowsett


Ludicrous idea to allow this scheme

In this day and age, green spaces are more and more precious, it would seem a ludicrous decision to pass a planning application to allow a company to deforest an area and put in its place a waste plant.

There are plenty of brownfield sites that could house such a plant, but to cut down a large area of woodland, a habitat for many species, saddens me greatly.

Corby has had so much investment poured into it to promote the town as a great place to live and has a wealth of beautiful countryside and villages surrounding it.

Is this investment to be wasted and, instead, Corby become the waste dumping ground for the area?

The council is looking at plans for a far, far bigger site on the Brookfield Plantation and a further one proposed for the Earlstrees industrial estate. Quite simply, I find the idea of this absolutely ludicrous.

When will our green spaces and resources be seen as having as much value as a waste plant?

Helen McCormack

By email

UKIP support is not good news

A local UKIP representative invites us to support them and make a difference and change the face of British politics

And here’s how they would.

Firstly, we depend on one leader. Only Farage has support.

We couldn’t name another UKIP leader if our lives depended upon it, and, of course, what’s to stop Farage joining the Tories in Cabinet in return for more anti-European policies before or after the general election.

The Tories haven’t given up on the next election but they are desperate to shoot the UKIP fox.

By the way, when are the Press going to tell us about Farage’s background in banking and corporate business? Posing with a pint? Come off it Nigel.

Next they would privatise and outsource the NHS and make us dependent upon exchanging vouchers for healthcare.

Remember the recent fury about the Government limiting help from your GP. Jeremy Hunt dropped the idea but vouchers would do the same.

Next they would make us dependent upon foreign and fossil fuel. No sustainable, secure and safe renewable energy policy.

Next, millions would be spent on nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers. Investment is needed in our manufacturing industry.

And the hundreds of thousands thrown out of work as a result of our leaving Europe.

UKIP say they are reviewing their policies. They need a lot of reviewing to address this country’s needs. But in the meantime let’s see how they vote on the county council.

I bet they will be making cuts to services with the Tories all down the line.

Tony Banks


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Thank you for voting for me

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me in the Wicksteed division at the recent county council elections and look forward to working for the whole community.

I have accepted a job of assisting the portfolio holder for children and education and look forward to you contacting me in the future on any county council issues.

Cllr Russell Roberts

Wicksteed division

Northants County Council

New routes do not mean progress

I write regarding the re-routing of bus routes which often inconvenience or make journeys longer and more time-consuming.

The Bedford to Kettering bus route had three stops removed from the route via Barton Seagrave, along with the stop at the junction of Station Road in Burton Latimer on re-routing along Churchill Way and Polwell Lane, so anyone wishing to get to the Cranford turn or Warkton Lane area now faces long walks from any bus stop.

Those of us on the revamped route 50 got an added bonus of “daytime buses” to and from the hospital.

Sadly, on the latest revamp, the nearest bus stop to the hospital is in Lower Street or Northfield Avenue, as routes nine and five now run to Brambleside.

So, getting to the hospital involves changing buses at Horsemarket or Newland Street, which means the facility given to us has now been taken away.

The need to use routes 19 and 39 between the town centre and Rothwell Road once again makes bus travel more difficult for those less mobile, who can do without unnecessary use of buses. So much for progress!

Mark Amos


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Fresh appeal to our reader Ron

Thank you to all those who contacted me with information and photographs after my appeal in the Telegraph on April 25 for memories of Kettering Iron and Coal Ltd.

Please can I make an appeal to Ron, of Kettering, who so kindly sent a print of a very old photograph of furnace workers. Ron did not include his full name and address and I would like to know if he actually worked at the furnaces.

Two former employees have responded, but I am despearate to speak to more.

Greg Evans

132 Station Road

Burton Latimer

01536 724646