Kettles ruling makes my blood boil!

The new EU ruling on kettles is another reason why we should leave the union, says Roger Helmer
The new EU ruling on kettles is another reason why we should leave the union, says Roger Helmer

One of the benefits of being a member of the European Parliament is that I get the chance to ask the European Union Commission a question on behalf of my East Midland constituents, which I often like to do.

This week I wrote to them about the latest, ludicrous and nonsensical proposal to come out of Brussels.

Believe it or not, we’ve all been told the European Commission proposes to introduce measures to limit the power of electric kettles on environmental grounds.

Like many of you, it left me wondering whether any of these bureaucrats had any grasp of the basic physics of boiling a kettle?

Are they aware that in boiling it slowly, over a longer time, more waste heat will be lost to the environment through conduction, convection and radiation?

Surely they should recognise this proposal will increase electricity consumption, generate more waste heat, and tend to increase emissions, both of CO2 and water vapour?

The European Union is in desperate need of some good old-fashioned British common sense.

Of course they don’t see it that way, which is why I, and my colleagues in UKIP, believe we should be better off out.


UKIP MEP for the East Midlands

By email

Are they trying to obliterate past?

I have read your article concerning the possible demolition of the Drill Hall in Wellingborough.

Since Wellingborough Council has proved to be a philistine council and has totally destroyed almost any or every architectural structure of historic value by demolition, or allowing carbuncles of buildings to be built next to or close to them, surely we cannot be surprised at its desire to destroy this historic building.

I moved out of Wellingborough due to its absolute ugliness.

So many beautiful trees and buildings have been lost to what was once a very pleasant green market town.

I suppose the Hind Hotel or Granville Chambers are next on Wellingborough Council’s hit list. Perhaps councillors are trying to copy Coventry’s concrete urban wasteland. Coventry had no choice after the war.

Dresden rebuilt and I would suggest that your readers compare the two new cities.

Wellingborough does have a choice whether it preserves some of the past or just obliterates any vestige of its history.


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Volunteer police are not answer

Last week Look East highlighted the fact that police forces in the area were recruiting more specials, at the cost of Police Community Support Officers.

And on looking on the Northamptonshire Police website, all the vacancies advertised are for volunteers.

Doesn’t this miss the whole point of effective policing in that it relies on building relationships and gathering intelligence in the local community, something PCSOs do very effectively, which anyone who has bothered to talk to or go out with them on their “patch” knows.

This will all be lost with specials or volunteers who work maybe one shift a week.

We surely need a mixture of both. However well intentioned, part-time volunteers cannot be a substitute for full-time people working actively in local communities.


Northamptonshire County Council member for Brickhill and Queensway Division

Fresh ideas for Vue cinema site

It’s great to see the development of the Savoy cinema complex in George Street. It’s just a shame that a second complex might be built on Elizabeth Street too. It surely does not make sense to have two cinemas in the same proximity.

Just an idea – but why not have an entirely different facility on Elizabeth Street. To me, a bowling alley would be a great addition to Corby town centre.

It is a great sport which give great excercise and can be used and enjoyed by all ages and is a fun night out for the family.

If not a bowling alley why not something different which has a similar appeal. Any ideas?


By email

Disruption is so inconvenient

Kettering Council has just informed all the residents of Railway View from house number 9 and beyond that the bins will not be collected from outside their front doors until the road has been repaired.

The road collapsed after the bank that supports the road was cut away by contractors working on the adjacent building site. The sheet piling hit “bedrock” and could not reach the required depth required to support the weight of the road.

Residents, some of whom are elderly, are now being asked to pull their bins to the bottom of Railway View.

If Kettering Council won’t send a refuse truck into Railway View, what happens if there is a fire and the fire engine won’t enter the road?

Do all the residents form a “daisy
chain” to pass buckets of water to each other?

We have been without the full use of the road for 10 days now, and it will be another two to three weeks, so we are being told, before the bank can be supported and the road restored. In the planning consent issued by the council it quotes that “any development must carried out in a manner that avoids inconveniencing the local residents”.

Collapsing roads, wheelie bin marathons, earth tremors, dust clouds. None of these are an inconvenience to the residents!



Cyclefest showed our pedal power

A big thanks to all the people who came along to the third annual Corby Cyclefest.

All the events we put on – the Speedway Family Bike Ride, Pedal Powered Cinema and Cyclefest Show outside the Cube – all proved to be really popular, and helped showcase how popular cycling is becoming in Corby.

Special thanks to the staff of Corby Council, Northants County Council, Rockingham Motor Speedway, The Core Theatre, Sustrans, Adrenaline Alley, Electric Corby, Ministry of Bikes, the Woodlands Trust and Lakelands Hospice. Without their involvement we wouldn’t have got the festival off the ground.

Cycling as recreation and as a sustainable transport option continues to grow in Corby, and as a council I’m proud to say we’re helping to deliver on that.

Here’s to an even bigger festival next year!


Corby Council champion for cycling and walking

Rolling Stones gig memories appeal

It’s 50 years ago this year since the Rolling Stones played two shows at Kettering’s Granada Theatre as part of their 1964 UK tour. I’m compiling a people’s history of the Stones and if any of your readers would like to share their memories of the concerts – who they went with, what they remember of the gig, whether they enjoyed it – I’d love to hear from them.

I can be contacted via email at or by letter at 32 Manor Avenue, Preston, PR2 8DN.


By email

Can you help find rare programmes

I am writing to ask for your help in tracking down the following

Kettering programmes to complete my collection.

I would like Kettering Town v Corby Town in the Northants Senior Cup Final 1975-76, and Kettering Town v Dunstable pre-season friendly 1976-77.

If anyone has spare copies – or photocopies – available, please

contact me via the paper.

You would make a confirmed anorak very happy.


By email

Confused by the vote rhetoric

I am getting increasingly confused by the rhetoric of Better Together. They say that if Scotland votes for independence there is “no going back”.

They also claim that the rest of the UK don’t want us to go.

So, surely if things didn’t work out under independence, we’d be welcomed back especially if we came begging with our tails between our legs?


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