Highlighting hospital parking charges

Darren Foster wants to highlight the parking charges at Kettering General Hospital
Darren Foster wants to highlight the parking charges at Kettering General Hospital

It has luckily been several years now since I have had to visit the accident and emergency department but, since a rather unsatisfactory call to Nenedoc, I was forced to take my one-year-old niece to Kettering General Hospital’s A&E department.

As if the situation were not bad enough I then find that, even though it is 10pm, I am being asked, actually, forced to pay Kettering General Hospital’s chosen car park attendants APCOA to pay a fee to park.

I was led to believe that when we were forced to pay for parking at the hospital, it was to prevent people from parking there and going to the town centre and train station, something I found hard to swallow.

For what reason is there now a 24-hour charge?

I’m sure someone somewhere can come up with a tried and tested approximation of the truth.

I know this is not something you have control over, but maybe you could at least try to highlight the problem to the people who, like myself, were unaware of this additional charge on the unprepared.


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This county has got such talent

I would like to say thank you for the best night out that I have enjoyed for many years.

Northamptonshire has some wonderful talent and more should be done to acknowledge that.

There is no need to visit London for a show – we have it all here!

At Harborough Methodist Church on September 21 in aid of Cransley Hospice, I sat and listended to the most wonderful talent John Dilleigh, Nicholas Bosworth, Joseph Spooner, Vincenzo Sozzo, Nicola Bingham and our very own voice in a million Faryl Smith.

When Faryl sang there was not a sound from the audience as she had bewitched us all and sent tingling sensations down my spine.

She was word perfect, beautiful, and looked beautiful as well.

At the end they all sang You’ll Never Walk Alone.

It was so wonderful and I didn’t want the evening to end.

We should do more to appreciate the talented people in Northamptonshire to inspire more younger people,

Bravo to the organisers and I hope they raised more than their target for the hospice.



We can help to tackle dementia

If one of your readers is supporting someone living with dementia, or is living with dementia themselves then it may be tempting to feel alone.

In reality, there are nearly 8,000 people living with the condition in Northamptonshire, including 1,200 people in Kettering, 900 in Wellingborough and 300 in Corby, meaning that there are many thousands locally who are in regular contact with family and friends with the condition.

I want to take the opportunity as the support services manager for the county to highlight local help which many people simply don’t know about.

As well as carer support groups and singing groups across the area, we also run monthly Dementia Cafes in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough.

These provide people with dementia and carers a platform to talk openly about living with dementia within a relaxed and informal environment.

They also hear from a variety of guest speakers including health and social care professionals and representatives from the local community.

Although we are in contact with many people locally, we know that there are many more that are missing out on support that can help them live well with the condition.

If anyone wants more information, I would encourage them to call us to find out more on 01832 736670.


Alzheimer’s Society Support Manger for Northamptonshire

Am I missing out on big raffle?

Last week I played the new Lotto and had two lines on Wednesday, October 9, and the same two lines on Saturday, October 12, all on the same ticket.

I received two raffle numbers only.

This week I had the same numbers but split on two separate tickets giving me two raffle numbers on each ticket, making a total of four for the same cost.

Maybe I am missing something?


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Get in touch to help set up group

I am a 42-year-old man with a muscle-wasting condition and have become almost wheelchair-dependent in the past few months.

This makes it very difficult for me to be able to socialise and I find myself quite isolated.

As there must be many others in a similar circumstance, with some type of reason why they feel the need to socialise, I am looking at trying to form some type of local social club.

The problem is finding people interested in joining me in setting up and participating in this venture.



If you want to get in touch with Mr Richards, call us on 01536 506153 or email nt.editor@northantstelegraph.co.uk.

Rushden seating is not very good

Unfortunately Rushden bus shelters lack good seating facilities.

Wellingborough, Kettering and Northampton have good seating in their bus shelters which is important when people travel to and from Rushden from other towns when it is important for passengers disabled and the elderly.



Hunt to find the local munchkins

This is going to be the 26th Pantomime Bozeat Players have done and we are short on junior chorus members who we need to play the munchkins.

The pantomime is The Wicked Witches of Oz and has all the traditional characters but focuses on the Wicked Witches.

Will Dorothy ever get home? Will the tin man win the Axe Factor?

Does the scarecrow get his brain? Will the lion get his new wardrobe?

And does Toto stop talking?

Come along to find out more!

The show at St Mary’s Church Hall in Bozeat runs from January 8 to 11.

We rehearse on Friday nights in Bozeat.

If anyone is interested please contact Darren on 07825 433509 or find us on Facebook.


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