HELEN BACH: I will thank Abba for the music once again

Abba ANL-160812-164016001
Abba ANL-160812-164016001

I was genuinely excited to hear about the reunion of people who were probably one of the greatest influences of my childhood.

There are some folk that remain etched on your memory; whose impact on those formative years simply can’t be measured.

No, I’m not talking about the Chuckle Brothers, although fair play to them, they’ve managed to extend their career beyond the realms of what anybody probably thought was possible, and they have a new series starting on Channel Five shortly.

I wonder if they will still have the “To me, to you” catchphrase?

The big reunion I’m referring to is of course Abba.

They’re back, in the studio with each other, recording new music for the first time since the early 1980s.

This is amazing news, but it also makes me slightly nervous. What if the new music isn’t as good as the stuff I remember so well from my 1970s/80s childhood?

So much water has passed under the bridge in that time, and let’s not forget they were all once married to each other and then divorced, so you can’t help but wonder what was the atmosphere in that studio actually like?

They apparently said “it was like time stood still and that we had only been away on a short holiday”.

A 35-year holiday – I just hope they’d asked a neighbour to feed the cat and they’d cancelled the milk and papers!

I can’t help but think that it’s a huge responsibility for them to undertake. I wonder what their motivation is, it surely can’t be money, money, money?!

As for a concert which features them as avatars – or Abba-tars I hear they’re called – if they’re able to meet up in person and record again, it surely begs the question as to why not do a real, proper, live concert or tour for their millions of fans worldwide?

But I’m also musing what all this means for the many tribute acts – apart from having to learn new material for the first time in 30 years, that is.