Glennis deserves our thanks

Glennis Hooper, left, with a cheque from Avon for �10,000
Glennis Hooper, left, with a cheque from Avon for �10,000

It is hard not to feel sorry for Glennis Hooper and her incredible band of Crazy Hats breast cancer charity supporters.

The first attempt to hold their biggest annual fundraising event was dashed by heavy snow.

Then the re-arranged fundraising walk on Tuesday night was hit by torrential rain.

Thankfully, that did not deter the 1,500 men, women, children and dogs who turned out to raise money for the fantastic work done with people who have breast cancer in the county.

There can be few people in this area who don’t know who Glennis Hooper is.

But for those that don’t, and even for those that do, it is worth reminding ourselves of what she does.

She and those who she has inspired to set up and run the Crazy Hats charity put so much work and effort into everything they do.

Having worked alongside Glennis for the past eight years on promoting the charity and the work it does, I know that she does not do the work she does for self-aggrandisement or any public reward.

She does it to help those who, like her, have been hit by the shock of being diagnosed with breast cancer and then tried to deal with it.

In her column this week, Glennis thanks those who supported the walk and her helpers.

I want to thank Glennis on behalf of everyone her charity has helped to date, and will continue to help for years to come.

Thank you Glennis... and keep up the good work!

Neil Pickford, Editor