Fraud councillor must resign now

Cllr Bhupendra Patel
Cllr Bhupendra Patel

It is a travesty that Cllr Bhupendra Patel refuses to resign his two councillor positions which, in his own words, are to “serve the community” and not to milk the system.

Even more appalling is the fact that the law does not disqualify him for a crime and prison sentence.

No wonder society remains apathetic about elections and suspicious of people in public positions.

Mr Patel epitomises the net deficit in our civic society which is ridden by a small number of cheats magnifying corruption and self-interest which outweighs the efforts of many ordinary people working tirelessly to serve others without expectation of status or financial rewards.

His excuses are laughable, yet sad. How can someone who until recently was a magistrate claim to be a community leader and be so very ignorant of the law?

How can the chairman of a charity (Pravasi Mandal, Asian Elders Day Centre) that offers welfare advice and information on eligibility to benefits be so unaware of simple requirements to comply with benefit conditions?

The reaction of his political “friends” is entirely understandable.

Until the whip was removed he was a member of the ruling party which nationally and openly declared war against benefit cheats.

His political opponents are also entitled to be appalled.

As well as being a member of the ruling political party, Cllr Patel both condoned and helped to administer “justice” on benefit cheats, including many who were unfortunate to be destitute and at risk of becoming homeless.

A far cry from Cllr Patel’s cosy position with the numerous allowances and expenses from the public purse.

If he cannot be removed as a councillor he should at least be barred from many of the committees.

What credibility does a convicted councillor have, being on the standards committee?

I have serious personal concerns at his continued role as councillor.

I therefore join the leader of the council and others in calling for Cllr Patel to resign immediately.

Having recently lodged a complaint regarding the conduct and behaviour of another Wellingborough councillor I will have no faith in the process if Cllr Patel remains on the standards committee.

As well as being nervous about his judgement and integrity I am concerned that Cllr Patel is biased as he is a close friend of the councillor against whom the complaint has been raised.

Collusion and conspiracy abound, the future of democratic elections remain bleak.

Resign Cllr Patel. The only noble act you can perform now.


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Will history be repeating itself?

The new year brings the centenary of the 1914 to 1918 Great War, during which an estimated 39 million people may have died.

The war began when one single 20-year-old ran up to the reversing car of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and shot him in the neck.

Within four weeks the first truly horrendous war on the planet had begun.

When the war ended in 1918 and men returned home to unemployment and rationing with 750,000 dead UK citizens it was promised that mankind would never go to war on this scale again.

Twenty years later, the Germans had started the Second World War, with concentration camps and ending with the nuclear bomb.

Until now the peace has held, but the strongest economy in Europe today once again is Germany, I just hope someone is keeping an eye on this.

The world is bursting at the seams and I believe it only a matter of years before history repeats itself once again, offering up its brave young men and women in the name of what?



Church and band are thanked

Rowell and Desborough Lions Club would like to thank Corby Silver Band and a Handful of Harmonies for a wonderful concert at Rothwell Parish Church, and the church for allowing us to use it and for putting on refreshments.

A big thank you to all those who attended the concert.

We have been able to donate £500 to PROSTaid which is the local support group for people with prostate cancer.


Secretary of Rothwell and Desborough Lions Club

Collections made Christmas better

Corby and District Lions would like to thank everyone who gave so generously to their collections at Asda and Tesco over the weekend of December 14 and 15.

The sum of £763.31 was raised, which together with the recent collection at Morrisons made a total of more than £1,500 to make local people’s Christmas a little better.


Corby and District Lions Club

Benefit changes are to blame

I am writing today so close to Christmas, a time of peace and goodwill to all men, in complete confusion. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s our Government.

We all understand times are hard but our Government has gone too far this time.

In a recent debate in the House of Commons Iain Duncan-Smith refused to face up to his responsibility as the secretary of State for the Department for Work and Pensions and answer questions about food banks.

He left it in the hands of a junior minister, who proceeded to tell all those thousands of people who use food banks that it’s a good thing for the country for them to do it because it saves the Government money.

Nice to know she is waiting for her 11 per cent pay rise while telling people in Britain it’s a good thing for them to starve. I’m alright Jack jumps to mind.

Then on December 22, Mr Duncan-Smith accused all food bank charities of telling lies when they talk about more and more people having to use food banks and that there is a clear link between that and the cut in benefits.

Mr Duncan-Smith has claimed there is no link between the cut in benefits and low-paid families needing to go to food banks.

He is claiming these charities are political.

We know Mr Duncan-Smith has already been pulled up by various committees about his use of selective information to prove only his point of view and ignoring all other information, even if the other information is overwhelming.

One charity has said that this year 500,000 people have used its services – 40,000 of which were children. Yet Mr Duncan-Smith is telling us more children are coming out of poverty but it’s obvious to this writer that’s a lie.

Another point that I’d like to make is about another member of our Government, and that is Nadhim Zahawi.

His plan is that you only get benefit for two children.

Now, that doesn’t sound too bad, but that would be it, no matter how many you had.

The worrying thing is that once again it is those who can’t afford it that would be targeted under his plans so I would imagine that one of the growth areas in Britain under any future Government plans will be food banks.


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Tax disc decision must be revisited

I am amazed at the Government’s decision for people to not have to display car tax discs.

They say that because of new technology coupled with vehicle recognition cameras there is no need for the discs.

There will only be so many cameras on the main routes so that only a small percentage of non-taxed vehicles will be picked up.

To get a tax disc you have to show a valid MOT certificate and proof of insurance.

The number of uninsured cars is bound to increase, as will unroadworthy vehicles.

The police say they cannot see everything or be everywhere, which is understandable.

Therefore they ask the public to be the eyes and ears for them.

How many untaxed cars have been reported to the police by the public?

This will now stop.

Any money saved will more than be lost by the extra number of untaxed, unroadworthy and uninsured cars on the road.

The Government needs to look more closely at the implications of this retrograde step before making any final decision.



Grateful for help with my husband

We would like to express our most grateful thanks to everybody who helped and stayed with my husband when he fell in Kettering town centre on the morning of Wednesday, December 11.

We were overwhelmed by their kindness.

This ranged from offering their babies’ blankets and even their own jackets to keep him warm, and it meant so much that many stayed with him until the ambulance came.

We are pleased to saythat my husband is making good progress.


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