Former Corby Council chief got regeneration going

The Corby Cube is at the centre of the Audit Commission's report
The Corby Cube is at the centre of the Audit Commission's report

Without a doubt, the Audit report on Corby Council makes uncomfortable reading for not only the Labour group, but also the Conservative councillors.

From the political point of view Corby taxpayers pay all our councillors to fulfil the function of monitoring council officers and scrutinising council functions.

In this they failed.

When financial reports were scant or inadequate they never, as the audit report stated, asked the right questions at the right time.

Speaking as a Corby taxpayer I cannot help but make comment of the actions of the former chief executive.

Having communicated on a number of occasions I always found him very approachable and refreshingly straightforward.

Even when I disagreed with his views I always found he listened, took on board my views and even when he had to take another course I felt he valued an alternative opinion.

At that time Corby needed someone with the ability to cut through the snail-paced bureaucracy and get things moving.

I believe it was his personality that forged forward with our Olympic Pool and other valuable regeneration projects.

No more “Wonderworlds” and “Wonder whens” on his watch.

Yes, he may have made mistakes, if you actually do your job then mistakes go hand in hand with the job. People who don’t make mistakes usually do little or nothing.

Personally, I hate any perceived loss of taxpayers’ money but am grateful to the former chief executive and the late leader of Corby Council for actually delivering on their promise to regenerate our town, despite whatever mistakes may have been made.

Ray Rodden


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This has not been full consultation

I note that the public consultation for the provision of community podiatry services ends on July 4, but I urge all those who have need of these vital services to continue to discuss the issue with their GP and practice to prevent the wholesale introduction charging for what are termed “low risk” conditions.

The consultation promised “a number of meetings in Northamptonshire”. There was one, in Northampton.

The consultation was mentioned once in the Telegraph by Dr Davies.

He introduced the process by stating people were being treated “regardless of if there is a medical need”.

Is he suggesting the NHS treats people for fun?

The proposal suggests that in future people should pay for treatment for foot pain, corns, callus, foot deformities, hammer toes, bunions, limb length discrepancy, heel and arch pain, metatarsalgia, foot orthoses, skin pathology, ingrowing toenails requiring surgery, painful nail pathologies involution, mycotic and thickend toenails and even nail care where a person is unable to self care.

The consultation suggests people require more choice.

There are at present 12 clinics providing community podiatry with another 11 satellite centres. How much choice do people want?

I am aware all of these clinics are very busy, but the answer is to end the self-refer system and expand the service, not restrict treatment because people cannot afford to pay.

Nene Clinical Commissioning Group will report back in August, but I fear the tone of the consultation indicates that pay-to access will be introduced.

Foot pain is not life-threatening but it can debilitate and as such should remain free under the NHS.

I feel this may be just the start of the fragmentation of services within the NHS and is part of a conspiracy to privatise services.

If this is not the case then NCCG should publish the figures that show the current service is unsustainable.

Stephen Black

Barton Seagrave

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We know how Brazilians feel

I am sorry to see the Brazilian football authorities having to shut stadiums for 18 months to repair the roofs.

We know how they feel. Perhaps they should contact East Northants Council to do the job.

ENC planned a comparatively rapid nine-month shutdown to repair the Nene Centre roof in Thrapston.

However, ENC has quietly extended the job from nine months to 12 months, meaning it will be closed all the summer holidays for the second summer in a row.

Perhaps someone can write in with a real explanation for the delay, and explain the long periods of inactivity apparently unrelated to the weather.

Is there something wrong with the way ENC manages our money on the very late/over budget original build, then a complete rebuild after eight years which is now going to be 30 per cent late itself?

I hear in Brazil they may be having a public inquiry. Perhaps we can learn from them.

Eric Dockum


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More people want to access inquiry

So, Harold Stephens will be listening to all views on Rushden Lakes this next coming week, and feeding back to Eric Pickles, whose final decision it is.

This all sounds a waste of money, but no doubt gives a couple of people a job.

It is a shame only 10 tickets are available each day, and 200 for the one evening, it would be a good idea to hold one of the days outside at the proposed site, and let the gentleman see how many people are interested and how many will be disappointed if this is not approved.

Can we ask Mr Stephens if this would be possible, otherwise it’s non-inclusive to the general public. Anyway, none of that really matters as long as we get a YES.

Alison Reeves

Higham Ferrers

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Others allowed out of town shops

I can’t understand why Northampton and Kettering councils are complaining about the proposed development in Rushden. If anything affects their town centres, it is the retail parks they have allowed near their towns.

There is a bus from Kettering town centre to the large out-of- town supermarket for them to complain about.

Shoppers from the East Northants area would rather go to these parks where there is plenty of free parking than struggle through the traffic jams to their town centres and then find difficulty in parking as well as the high cost. May I thank them for these facilities.

Peter Waring


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There are other places to stay

I would like to say how disappointed I was to read the comments of Gill Mercer on the Rushden Lakes.

We run the Lilacs B&B in Raunds but I, for one, think it’s a blow to the B&Bs who are trying to make a living when Gill Mercer comes out with the sort of commments like “when people come here on business there is nowhere to stay”.

I would like to think Gill was on about places in Rushden. If she was, then say so because it sounds as if we’re non-existent.

We are expecting the Germans very soon and if Cllr Mercer was so good at her job as councillor she would know who is coming and give names of that party places they are due to stay in, but they don’t know anything about the people coming.

I would like to state we are here and we are a five-star business.

Next time Gill opens her mouth it should be to praise the little people who are in the business of accommodation. If Cllr Mercer sees this and withdraws her booking with us, so be it, because we won’t do it next year.

Brian Gravestock


Why I am doing my bit to recycle

I’m doing my bit by insulating my house and recycling as much as I can. Please can you do your bit and vote for the Energy Bill.

If the target is set for clean energy by 2030, our economy could be saved up to £25bn and it could stop up to 550 million extra tonnes of carbon entering the atmosphere.

Jean Stace


Can anyone help find Ruth Davis?

I would like help to trace Ruth Davis, who previously lived in Minden Close, Corby, where she had a fur and leather goods business along with her late husband, Ron Davis.

Ron had a son from a previous marriage, whose name is George and who used to work as a police officer in London. Anyone with information regarding either Ruth or George’s whereabouts can contact me on 01205 311608.

Ann Stokes


The French are on the right track

I recently returned from a week in Brittany, in more than 800 miles I only saw one pothole and two stretches of rippled road awaiting repair, one of which was being dug out down to the base.

Even the country lanes were properly maintained with none of the surface breaking away at the edges.

Yes, we paid about 52 euros in road tolls but diesel was £1.12 a litre at the supermarkets.

If the French can provide adequate roads from the auto route tolls why can’t we from the billions collected in vehicle excise duty per annum?

Dave Cornhill


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Thanks for all the great care

I have recently been in the cardiac care unit at Kettering Hospital and I was treated like royalty.

Everywhere was so clean and the treatment was excellent day and night, and the food was great.

The hospital is one of the best. I know it saved my life and I thank God for the hospital and all the staff.

Angeline Smith