Don’t tell us what we should wear

Joshna Boksh-Ahmed says people should be able to wear what they want
Joshna Boksh-Ahmed says people should be able to wear what they want

I was reading the article headlined Ban burka to stop escapes in the Telegraph last week.

The facts were incorrect. Men do not wear burkas.

I wonder if they are getting it confused with what men wear in the Middle East – a long, full-length tunic.

What has happened with men concealing their identity by wearing a burka is wrong.

However, the MP Philip Hollobone should not be making comments like he has about banning the burka.

The fugitive could have worn fancy dress, or painted their faces, like in the film Dark Knight, where The Joker’s team wear clown masks to conceal their faces.

Does that mean fancy dress and facepaint is now banned too?

Burkas and balaclavas are two different types of clothing.

Therefore to put them in the same category, I find that offensive.

Once again a religious dress is being criminalised and scrutinised, which is unfair and wrong.

Certain people need to be re-educated and get their facts straight.

I agree with the Home Secretary Theresa May, that it is not for the Government to tell a woman what to wear or how to dress.

London, England, is well-known for its multi-culture and I feel these kind of comparisons and comments will cause aggravation.


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Police should not be celebrating

I was pleased to read that the Telegraph has contextualised the latest crime figures by printing the percentage of crime that results in a criminal sanction.

Crime is falling, nationally not just in Northamptonshire, so for Deputy Chief Constable Martin Jelley to cliam that his officers “made this happen” is both ludicrous and an equivocation, and treats the public with contempt.

The corollary of his statement is that when crime is high this is also the fault of his officers.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary reports that Northamptonshire Police have issues to address, not least in child protection.

It is pathetic for a senior police officer to celebrate the fact that 83 per cent of burglaries reported to the police in Corby remain unsolved.

The figures for Kettering are 82 per cent, for Wellingborough it is 88 per cent and in East Northants it is 92 per cent. This is not a deterrent.

I know of no other profession that would claim credit for such abject failure.

I do not hold the police or the crime commissioner responsible for individual criminal acts because the reasons are nebulous but they should be accountable for the crime sanction rate.

I suspect they know this because when crime statistics are announced the police never quote the sanction rate.

Trust is a precious commodity that is earned, claiming credit when it is undeserved undermines public confidence in the police and will detrimentally effect their ability to perform their duties.



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This seems like a honey trap to me

I want to make bikers in Kettering aware of a honeytrap set by the council.

Today I parked and secured my motorbike by the bike stands in Meadow Road outside McDonald’s.

I was no more than 30 minutes and when I got back to my bike I found a fixed penalty notice attached.

Now maybe it’s just me, but why have these facilities to lock and secure your bike to if we can not use them?

I have taken pictures of many bikes using them, but only my bike was ticketed.

When I called the police to point out the obvious, that it was a bike stand I had parked in, I was told it was in a pedestrian zone.

If this is the case, why have they fitted wide set bike facilities if they can’t be used?

My argument is that it’s a honey trap to get more money from motorists.

While in town today I asked a police officer what my rights were.

He was very bemused that I got a ticket for making my bike secure.

I have also contacted the council regarding this and am awaiting their answer.


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Reasons why we need to be in EU

A report by Britain’s biggest business organisation, the CBI, found that every year each person in the UK benefits to the tune of £1,225 from EU membership, compared to an annual contribution to the EU budget of just £116.

That is undeniably a good deal.

Meanwhile, a recent poll has found six per cent of businesses in the UK say they would close if we left the EU.

That could mean up to 4,286 closing in the East Midlands and 114,200 jobs being lost.

Put simply, it’s in Europe, in work.

Pulling out of the EU would risk throwing our recovery away and putting thousands of jobs at risk.

Liberal Democrats, as the party of In, are focused on helping businesses create more jobs in the UK by reforming the EU from within.

We’ve already helped deliver one million new jobs since 2010, now we want to deliver one million more.



Corby Liberal Democrats

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Victimising the sick and disabled

My husband has had a letter to attend an interview after being put on to Employment and Support Allowance.

We filled in the form from Atos about his illness.

They didn’t call him in to assess him and the report went straight to the Department for Work and Pensions which says he is fit to work with help from an advisor.

The condition he has is only going to get worse, yet they think hes fit for work.

He’s two years away from retirement.

Able-bodied people cannot get work, yet they think my husband can without even seeing him.

They are victimising the sick and disabled.


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The unemployed should clean up

After watching Anglia News on Friday night, the question was raised about who would clean the graves of our war heroes.

There is an easy answer to that – those thousands receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance should be made to do this much-needed job.

No literacy skills needed, no training needed, no safety footwear to be provided, no CV needed.

What is required is get your backside down to the Job Centre daily for the job, which will be ongoing until job is completed or a job is offered and taken up by the individual.

Or they lose their benefits.


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This seems like a waste of money

Every day and week, a Kettering Council operative in a high visibility jacket comes around Kettering and empties the waste bins into a plastic bag and leaves it at the side of the road.

At a later time and date another operative in a high visibility jacket comes along to pick the waste bag up if it has not been kicked every where by the local monkeys.

Can somebody at the council please tell me how this is saving us ratepayers money.


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Make the jobless clear pavements

At this time of year the leaves are falling heavily and, added to the rain, the pavements can be treacherous.

The council has not got the manpower to keep them clear, so why not equip people from the Job Centre with the proper tools to keep the pavements clear. No pavement clearance, no benefits.



Grateful for town clock support

I write to convey grateful thanks to the people of Desborough and local charities who have supported the St Giles Desborough Town Clock appeal covered in the paper.

The total cost of repair of £850 has been met in full, reflecting a great local community effort.


Steward at St Giles Church,


Statistics can be proved wrong

Once more Corby is portrayed in a national newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, as lacking in something or other.

This time it is the Office for National Statistics that is at it.

Corby is, by their reckoning, one of the least happy pleaces in the UK.

We in Corby are supposed to have less of a community spirit than that of other towns and rural areas.

When canvassing for support for my candidacy in the Corby Kingswood by-election, I simply did not recognise this so-called unhappiness and lack of community spirit.

Kingswood, to the shame of Corby Council, has great deprivation and yet there is great community spirit across the whole of Corby.

Witness the success of Strictly Corby to support Lakelands Hospice, or the Highland Gathering and the dozens of other community events which bring our people together.

Sorry Office for National Statistics, you got it wrong.


UKIP candidate for Corby Kingswood By-election

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