Criminals: How many were actually caught?

Northampton Crown Court
Northampton Crown Court

So, reported crime is down.

So what.

Let us now be told how many of those crimes that were reported resulted in the accused being arrested.

And how many of those appeared in court.

This would be a true reflection on how efficient the Northamptonshire Police is.



Don’t be confused by the bubble

Aren’t we confusing the mirage of an economic recovery for a London bubble?

They say uncontrolled markets produce booms and slumps.

The Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition now give us both, at the same time!

As far as their economic policies go, UKIP led by a former city trader, offer more of the same: dismantle the NHS and charge a 20 per cent tax rate that will hand billions to the bankers and wealthy.



Centre’s hours must be longer

Open letter to Corby and East Northants MP Andy Sawford.

I am not sure if you had been consulted about the Corby Urgent Care Centre closing again at 8pm instead of midnight.

I believe representations should be made to see if the midnight closing should be restored so people from Corby don’t have to travel a much longer distance to Kettering.

Later opening would take pressure off the very busy Kettering A&E department.

If the issue is about cost, consideration might be given to the Urgent Care Centre opening later in the morning Monday to Friday as most if not all people can see their doctor in the morning whereas this isn’t possible in the evening.


By email

Shock at rodent’s drain appearance

Check your sheds and outbuildings because you may have some unwelcome visitors.

I visited my father in Kettering this week and it was alovely day.

We wanted some exercise so took a walk with his old Jack Russell down Centre Parade where my dad’s mate lives.

Just as we were crossing the road a rat came out of drains and the old dog went barmy.

It must have been disturbed. Rats carry diseases and the council needs to be aware.



Looks like they are too scared

The Tories and Lib Dems are scared to debate the European issue after they failed to show in a debate organised by the Hind Hotel in Wellingborough on Wednesday, April 16.

UKIP, Labour and the Green Party took part in a lively debate in which I pointed out that the EU now costs us £55m a day and the accounts are so riddled with fraud that they haven’t been signed off for 18 years.

I went on to argue that more than 70 per cent of our laws are made by Europe and it was time to leave and run our own affairs.

I know that Nigel Farage wiped the floor with Nick Clegg and I was looking forward to doing the same but it seems the Tories and Lib Dems are running scared.


UKIP East Midlands European Elections candidate

Plots available to grown your own

As spring is now here, some of your readers may be interested in renting an allotment.

Ladywell Allotment Society in Wellingborough now has a few plots available.

The cost per plot varies according to size but a five pole plot of about 150 square yards costs £30.75 per year currently.

The site is fenced and gated so there is a charge of £3 per key, this latter cost is only payable once unless a replacement key is required.

For futhur details email


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Machine is gone but not forgotten

With reference to the article on March 27 relating to the excavator Sundew, I must point out that your photographs do not depict this particular machine.

The two larger photos are at Prior’s Hall quarry in 1983, with the machine being dismantled for spare parts.

The two smaller pictures are the machine which walked across the then A43 trunk road between Stanion and Weldon en route from Southwick quarry to Barn Close.

This was done during September 1971 and is definitely not Sundew.

Sundew itself walked from Harringworth in 1974. This was not a new quarry, being originally opened in the 1930s.

The strata overlying the ironstone was getting deeper, hence the need for a huge machine such as Sundew.

Thanks for the memories. Gone, but not forgotten.


Burton Latimer

Can you help find the Macdonalds?

May I, through your letters page, ask if the family of Agnes Teresa Macdonald could contact me.

I’m especially looking for her brother Bernard Doherty, her sisters Philomena and Bridget, and her daughers Sharon Macdonald and Sarah Macdonald.

I would be most grateful if they could contact me.


2A Carlisle Avenue, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 3UD

Ministers are so far out of touch

Government ministers have to understand that people in lots of different parts of the country with lots of problems don’t think that MPs live in the real world.

All parties have their millionaires and do not understand the middle classes and low income families.

Too many MPs are only interested in running their business for profit rather than running the country as well as they ought to.

For instance, there is gridlock on roads in different parts of Britain but they are too interested in high speed rail instead.

Lots of things are going backwards.


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