Concerns about our road safety

Allan Blackman is concerned at the effect of Stanton Cross and other developments on traffic in Wellingborough
Allan Blackman is concerned at the effect of Stanton Cross and other developments on traffic in Wellingborough

I contact you on behalf of CARSAG, a Wellingborough residents group working for safer roads in around the Castle ward.

You may know this part of Wellingborough is destined to contain the huge new Stanton Cross development and has already two other large new housing areas in Eastfield Road and the site of the Saxby factory.

All three of these will contribute traffic to the junction of Midland Road and Senwick /Elsden road; a junction already busy with traffic using it as an eastern ring road, and with traffic and pedestrians using Wellingborough Station.

There now seems to be a plan to install lights at this junction.

As residents we feel very ill informed but it seems to be part of the agreement for the Eastfield Road housing that the developer pays for traffic lights.

We do know, however, this is an idea rejected in the past as it will make the traffic flow and safety at the junction far worse.

It is a short-term fix which will be redundant once the Stanton Cross development starts at long last next year.

Anything less than a roundabout will create havoc for anyone driving anywhere near the east side of Wellingborough.

With the possibility of both Wellingborough Council and Northamptonshire County Council officers passing the whole idea through without proper consideration and therefore wasting rate payers money, we have contacted Peter Bone and Castle ward councillors.

This is to try to get the issue discussed, rather than ushered through without an understanding of the aspects we know are important.

As residents we fought long and hard for a residents parking zone which was implemented and now works well.

Despite the fact that a lot of the spaces must be sacrificed to yellow lines for the approach to the lights if they are built, it is not this we want to bring to public notice.

Lights will certainly delay everyone for no reason, cannot be made (because of the width) to have the right filters to turn right, will be impossible to phase correctly, will not improve pedestrian or cyclist safety, and in not coping with the increased traffic will frustrate road users.

They are not a good solution and are likely to be a complete waste of money.


Chairman of Castle Area Road Safety Action Group

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Look at what HS2 will really cost us

Once again we have another Government report no doubt paid for by public money in favour of HS2, the super new rail service that is going to save not a lot really but cost the east of the country.

Northamptonshire to Norfolk and everything in between will lose out in just about every way imaginable.

Jobs mostly because you add this to the A14 toll road and you may as well close the whole of East Anglia down.

But neither the Conservatives nor Labour seem interested in telling the truth when it comes to that fact.

This is because as the cost continues to rise on the HS2 project (and it’s already gone up by £5bn plus £7bn for the rolling stock and they haven’t even started yet) and this money is coming off the budget for any other improvements anywhere else.

Put simply the Government has set aside X amount of money to spend on improvements to the rail system and as HS2 goes up in price the amount left for anything else goes down.

Sadly we, the public who live in the east, appear to be on a hiding to nothing as neither party wants to listen to us.

And the Government continues to use taxpayers’ money to promote HS2 by cherry picking parts of other reports to fit their targets and disregard the rest of the reports which often tell a not so flattering tale of millions of pounds lost in all the regions where HS2 doesn’t touch.

It’s time these politicians stopped lying to us, although that could be too much to ask for – politicians telling the truth, there’s more chance of winning the Lottery.

We need to improve our infrastructure, that goes without saying, but all these lies to fit a preferred system is not the answer.

We need a wholesale improvement, not a bit here in the hope nobody will notice that nothing else has been done because the money’s run out.


By email

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We should have maximum wage

With reference to the Northants Telegraph (Letters, October 24) there should be a maximum wage.

Without doubt there should be a maximum wage whatever job is performed.

The difference in this country between the wage structure has now become out of control, rewarding people extortionate wages and rewards, even and often for failures.

This country is now rewarding highly paid persons when their performance has failed with very very substantial rewards.

I am appalled that we should be paying high rewards for failure.

Some were employed at an extortionate wage and have not proved their worth.

These highly paid persons are usually being paid for at the taxpayers’ expense.

What can us lower paid persons do about it?



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Driving tests for non-nationals

I would like to thank the eastern European driver for dangerous driving when going round a roundabout on Monday morning.

The reason I knew he wasn’t English was because he stopped in front of me and got out of the car to give me verbal abuse.

Yes, I flashed my lights and used the horn, I did not enjoy being cut up because of his incompetence.

It is for this reason I think it’s about time all nationals not from this country should sit a driving test before being permitted to drive on the roads.

This person on Monday said there were two lanes, one for going right and the other for left and straight on!

It is no wonder there are so many accidents on our roads when they don’t know anything about priorities.


By email

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Lewisham case affects us too

The High Court has ruled that the Government acted illegally in directing that a neighbouring hospital can cannibalise Lewisham Hospital in order to balance their books.

The Health Secretary is considering spending taxpayers’ money to appeal to the Supreme Court.

In the end, he will try to change the law to get his way.

Why does this matter in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough?

Because the future of Kettering General Hospital has been put at risk in the recent past and it could happen again if the Government succeeds in trampling over patients objections in Lewisham.

It’s time for a united front MPs Sawford, Bone and Hollobone.



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There is help for poor eysesight

Losing your sight can have a huge impact on your life, affecting mobility, independence, employment opportunities and confidence, yet 50 per cent of sight loss in the UK is avoidable.

The number of people in the UK with sight loss is set to double by 2050 to nearly four million so it is vital that local authorities recognise this and put clear plans in place to tackle avoidable sight loss.

Recent research from the Royal National Institute of Blind People shows nearly half of all local authorities in England do not include any or very little information on sight loss in the needs assessment of their local population.

How can you tackle a growing health problem if you don’t even recognise it exists?

I have written to my local councillor to ask them to make sure that they plan for the future so that people in our area do not lose their sight unnecessarily.

RNIB has developed tools and information which can support local authorities to do this as part of their Don’t Lose Sight campaign.

I want to let other readers know that they can help end unnecessary sight loss at



Thank you for your support

My sincere thanks to all those people in the St Giles ward at Desborough who voted for me in the by-election on October 3.

I am delighted with the outcome and, moreover, assure everyone that I shall work, together with all my colleagues on the Desborough Town Council, for the benefit for the whole town.

I have attended my first council meeting and signed the relevant documents.

Thank you again and I look forward to meeting many of you over the coming months.



Appeal for used postage stamps

I am appealing for used postage stamps which help me raise funds which I then donate to the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

If you are able to help I would be grateful if you could cut the stamps from their envelopes – leaving a one centimetre margin around the stamp – and send them to the address below.


PO Box 91

Virginia Water


GU25 9AR

Kettering General Hospital staff were great

Recently, I went in to Kettering Treatment Centre as a day patient.

The procedure did not go plan and I found myself having to stay for a further five days.

This made me quite anxious as I do not like being in hospital.

The nurses helped me through those few days.

Although they were short staffed and run off their feet they still made time to chat, to all of us, and ease any worries we had. So where would we be without them all?

That includes all who are involved with making Kettering a better place for everyone, against all the odds.

To all those who made my unexpected stay a happy one, thank you, and I would feel less fearful in the future.