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Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Adrian Lee
Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Adrian Lee

I am always fascinated to hear from Chief Constable Adrian Lee.

His silence on crime statistics et al is deafening but at least his missive on drunk tanks confirms he is still at the helm of Nothamptonshire Police.

Mr Lee suggests commercially-run drunk tanks that charge the arrested individual for their “care” would act as deterrent.

Why not just increase the amount paid for a fixed penalty notice and fines issued by courts?

The money could even be regarded as a tax to be distributed to hard pressed A&E departments and even the police.

I fail to see why a commercial company should make profit from laws enacted and enforced by public officials.

Mr Lee also states the police find it difficult to decide if an intoxicated person should be in a cell or hospital.

I hope they don’t. The police doctor should make that decision.

The abuse of alcohol is a difficult social problem society as a whole has a duty to address.

It is the behaviour that needs to be punished so responsible drinkers are not hit.

The police have considerable powers to stop persistent drunks from accessing town and city centres.

That should be enough.

The NHS has a duty to treat people at A&E irrespective of the cause.

Smoking costs the NHS billions and as a non-smoker I regard the habit irresponsible but I would never suggest people should contribute to their treatment except via central taxation.

The Chief Constable and his idea of drunk tanks appears to be an attempt by the police abrogate their responsibilties to an unaccountable commercial company.

May I suggest Mr Lee give his day job his full attention in the hope that the inadequate performance of Northamptonshire Police be improved as soon as possible.

Stephen Black

Barton Seagrave

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Worrying moves to build houses

There is a worrying situation developing in Earls Barton.

Since the granting of planning consent at appeal for 65 houses to Redrow Homes in Earls Barton the same developer is now trying to get consent for another 85 on a nearby plot off Station Road that, if granted, would set a precedent for development right along the valley side.

At the same time a further application has been submitted by a second developer for 39 houses, also off Station Road.

These developers are all attempting to exploit the loophole created by the Government in suspending the current planning regulations in favour of neighbourhood plans.

This was done under the guise of localism yet it has been made so hard to get neighbourhood plans to adoption stage that in many communities, including ours, despite valiant efforts by neighbourhood planning groups these loopholes exist.

We are well aware of the interest developers have shown in Earls Barton for years and they are now seeking to rush their plans through.

The draft neighbourhood plan is drawn up and presents the communities preferred locations for development which are not where the current proposals have been made.

There is a rapidly growing awareness of what is happening throughout the community that the very localism we were told would enable us to have greater self determination has in fact permitted this burgeoning rush for easy pickings by greedy developers with nothing of any practical use coming back to the existing community.

What we will get is pressure on schools, doctors, the highway infrastructure, etc.

The parish council and the Neighbourhood Plan team are currently discussing plans to deliver the necessary development in the village at locations where the village wants it and also to deliver sports facilities at the same time.

It is our standpoint that the neighbourhood plan needs to be finalised and in place before Wellingborough Council determines the current crop of applications and needs to be directing developers to the current brown field sites within the village before green field sites are developed.

The group saveearlsbarton village has developed from a well attended public meeting and is working to raise awareness throughout the community and focus people’s attention on the issues and outcomes of wholesale development without a masterplan in place.

We urge opposition to these developers and seek support from local authorities to act sensibly in allowing a neighbourhood plan to be developed as a context in which to consider these proposals.

Nick Chapman



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Team Corby has lots more ideas

In a letter published in the Telegraph on September 5, Labour’s Cllr Peter McEwan suggests the new Team Corby Conservatives may wish to change our leader.

With all of the positive and innovative ideas that Team Corby has in the pipeline under our current leader for regeneration and investment in Corby, it is not suprising that our political opponents on the Labour side are worried.

I am grateful to Cllr McEwan for giving me the opportunity to tell the public about just some of the exciting new projects the Team Corby Conservatives are working on to make Corby and its surrounding villages the number one place to live in the East Midlands.

In addition to the Conservative “WeLoveCorby” proposals to promote tourism and recreation facilities in the area, we will soon be unveiling our plans to create four major entertainment hubs in the town each with a different theme focussed on sport, arts, heritage and culture.

We will be launching a Sports Investment Strategy to enhance and build upon the area’s excellent sporting facilities, and we will be entering into a Green Partnership under which we will commit to environmental protection in Corby and the protection of green space in and around the surrounding villages.

These are just some of the ideas the Team Corby Conservatives have in the pipeline as well as new policies which will attract high-tech industry to the area, introduce zero energy bill homes, deal with the council’s debts and reward those who work hard and want to get on.

It is an exciting time for Corby and its surrounding villages, and with the new Team Corby Conservatives leading the way on regeneration, investment and innovation, the 2015 local elections really cannot come fast enough.

Cllr Rob McKellar

Deputy Leader

Team Corby Conservatives

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Changes making fraud easier

Words fail me at times, with the current Government coming down hard on benefit cheats it is worth standing back for a minute and considering this.

There are people who are employed to stop and cheats who are obviously bad at their jobs as 4,000 have been found doing it this year.

The blending together of benefits by Ian Duncan Smith makes fraud six times easier.

If it costs £150 a week to keep a family in benefits, and costs £300 a week to keep a benefit “fraudster”, who pays the taxes on both of these?

We do, so if someone gets caught fiddling their benefits and ends up in jail costing the taxpayer twice as much. How illogical and perverse is that?

Tom Bingham


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Do you know the Garrett family?

I am researching the Mills family tree and have a copy of a diary written in 1815.

It tells of the family in Isham in 1815 when Isaac Mills married into the Garrett/Garet family.

Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Garrett, the Garretts were prominent members of the Baptists in the 17th century, and could have known John Bunyan, who preached in the Bedford area.

I wonder if any of your readers could throw any light on the family of Garrett/Mills in the past?

Terry Brown