Choice cause of parking problem

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So far in the past few weeks we have seen the walking bus school in Corby, parking problems at schools and now children not getting in to their preferred school.

The walking bus is certainly a good idea, in fact some parts of Norfolk have done this for years.

Unfortunately, the children grow up, helpers move on and in some places they have just fizzled out. One thing that certainly is not going to fizzle out is the school run and its associated parking problems.

My children are both now adults, and I never had a problem with the school run. They went to the nearest school and were able to walk each day. I can’t remember if there was parental choice for school attendance then, but from watching what happens now it seems that a good deal of the school run is caused by parental choice. Perhaps a longer-term solution would be to abolish parental choice for primary school children.

Since there is a known parking problem going to arise at any new school built, perhaps new schools should be built with a car park for parents’ cars? From what I see the site of the new Oakley Vale school is just going to completely clog up the estate at school time. Although a lot of children from Oakley Vale will no doubt attend the new school, the size of the estate, or township, will see a great number of school run journeys.

Tim Roberts

Dresden Close,