Attacks have just egged on UKIP

Being egged is a rite of passage for political leaders, says Tom Bingham
Being egged is a rite of passage for political leaders, says Tom Bingham
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Being “egged” is a rite of passage, a ritual event that marks a politician’s transition from possible contender to full inclusion into a tribe or social group.

In the most recent case, the leader of UKIP.

David Cameron was egged, as was Tony Blair.

Being egged is, on the surface, innocent and at best a childish tantrum which at least deserves a hefty fine as the recipient cannot respond, unless you are John Prescott.

The worry is, of course, that inside the egg there might be something more than innocent yolk.

Mr Farage is hitting home hard, and the panic and the response of the opposition is hilarious.

The Tories and the union-run right wingers just collapse when met face to face with the truth.

The pitiful banter that’s been flowing back and forth at Prime Minister’s questions is embarrassing to watch and listen to.

Do we honestly have to put up with this waffle for another year before we can kick them out?

That egg was the stamp of approval for the future of politics in the UK and guarantees that all it will prove to do is “egg UKIP on” and push Mr Farage higher up the popularity stakes.



An opportunity to have your say

It is not suprising to see smears thrown at UKIP by the left in letters in the Telegraph last week.

Given that UKIP’s general election manifesto is yet to be published, it is a nonsense to claim that we have any policy “against the NHS” and “getting rid of employment rights”, etc.

Also, having known our lead candidate Roger Helmer for 15 years I can personally say he is a man of integrity with a love of Britain, freedom and democracy and totally opposed to prejudice on the grounds of race or sexual orientation.

The attempt to play the man, not the ball, is typical of how the establishment has reacted against UKIP, which is connecting with people through its campaign for controlled rather than uncontrolled immigration and to withdraw from the European Union which is costing us £55m pounds a day.

UKIP now has many candidates from differing ethnic and religious minorities including those of African, Asian, Polish and Jewish background.

We are uniting the country against the failed policies of the old parties and the need to recover contol over our own destiny from the EU, which makes more than 70 per cent of our laws.

On May 22 people have the opportunity to have their say and vote UKIP to get our country back.


UKIP European Election candidate for the East Midlands region

Opponents are terrified of us

Mr Garvie’s letter of May 8 profoundly misprepresents UKIP’s position.

It is true that over-regulation of employment is damaging the labour market and costing Britain job opportunitiesby making employers reluctant to hire new employees.

It is not true that UKIP wants to “slash paid holiday entitlement, sick pay and holiday pay”.

These are downright lies that the Labour Party has been circulating widely.

Some of Mr Garvie’s other comments are beneath contempt.

It’s clear that the public are not taken in by the increasingly desperate attempts by Labour and some sections of the media to smear UKIP.

They are terrified by our poll ratings and prepared to say antything that think might damage us. But the polls show it is not working.


UKIP MEP for the East Midlands

Happy days in old railway carriages

What a lovely article on Corby railway station.

I have so many memories working at Corby Goods from 1950 to 1955. The old railway carriages were the offices!

It was a wonderful five years that I worked there.



Amazed at work of groundsmen

I was very lucky to be able to get to Oundle on the Tuesday night before the Women’s Tour to see all the preparations for the start the next day.

Walking round Oundle I was amazed to see bicycles cut out or painted on to grass round the town, which I understand were done by two school groundsmen Carl and Mark.



Numbers on new road are wrong

I have just come back to work from a week’s holiday.

On approaching the Eurohub roundabout from Geddington coming in to Corby I noticed they have now painted road markings on the carriageway.

Am I the only person to notice that the right hand lane for the right turn to the A6116 has had the ‘1’s painted on in reverse?

How difficult can it be, who are we paying to do this stuff?


By email

Who does Clegg represent?

We have seen a dramatic increase in knife crimes resulting in deaths and serious injuries, covering all age groups.

The Conservatives and Labour want to use legislation to issue mandatory sentences after a conviction of a second offence, but sadly Nick Glegg our Liberal leader does not agree and does not support the changes.

Who does he represent?



Return trips to the Middle East

I organise return visits to the Egyptian Canal Zone where I also served in the 1950s alongside thousands of others.

There will be a 10-day visit from November 5 to 14.

We will be visiting Cairo and this will be our last visit due to age and health reasons.

Please get in touch for more information.


Middle East Land Forces Association

PO Box 99

Spalding, PE11 9NS

07814 832441