Artists need help to show their work

Artist Tom Bingham issues an appeal following the awarding of �1m to Corby's arts scene
Artist Tom Bingham issues an appeal following the awarding of �1m to Corby's arts scene

It really is excellent news that Corby will be included in the £1m arts payout to help promote the arts, starved of funding in the town.

Last year I was involved as a volunteer to help with the Corby Open art exhibition, the first exhibition staged at the Rooftop Gallery in the town.

It was a stunning success, drawing some 45 artists out of the woodwork displaying art to a very high standard, surprising many of just what talent lies beneath the surface in Corby.

It was sponsored by various groups in the town, but not this year. Why not?

Why are exhibitors having to pay to exhibit when this £1m will be rattling about in the system?

The town leans more to supporting retro entertainment at The Cube. That does cater for a type of arts consumer, but there are literally hundreds of painters with real talent wanting to exhibit their work.

You only have to visit Corby Artists facebook site to find 240 members constantly looking for outlets to display their work.

Just what happened to the rooftop gallery in The Cube? Why is there no funded gallery in Corby?

We have no cinema, no funded gallery, and a library that has no ability to display art.

Corby has changed over the years, the old guard has almost gone, the town is cracking at the seams with talented young artists with no encouragement, no support, and little chance of making anything of a life in arts.

It is time we had a substantial, independent, funded venue permanently available for the artists of Corby.

Let’s hope whoever holds the purse strings does exactly what they say they are going to do with the money so that in three years time we are NOT having an inquiry as to where all the money went.

Tom Bingham


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Is Nigel Farage our Sarah Palin?

Is UKIP our Tea Party and Nigel Farage this country’s Sarah Palin? Will Nigel Farage do for the Tories what Sarah did for the Republicans?

Render them unelectable.

UKIP are exploiting economic insecurity by stirring up racial prejudice.

Enoch Powell and Margaret Thatcher did too.

In terms of domestic policy UKIP would permit smoking in pubs, deny gay people the chance of marriage and impose a flat rate of tax which would mean the less well-off subsiding the very wealthy to an even greater extent.

They have no plan for jobs.

Indeed, leaving Europe would inevitably result in job losses.

We need to know as much as possible about their policies while they hide behind being the party of angst.

Tony Banks


Defending UKIP and supporters

I should like to counter the opinions of two of your correspondents in last week’s Telegraph.

Mr Cubitt says that the EU has brought 50 years of peace to Europe.

The fact is that NATO, the military alliance including Turkey and the USA, has kept peace for 60 years.

The EU is now giving rise to civil strife in Greece and other countries.

Ms Collins accuses UKIP supporters of being racist.

I am a UKIP supporter and employed and promoted people of Indian, Italian and Bangladeshi origin – is that racist?

Many UKIP supporters belong to ethnic minorities.

C A Thomas


Most parents are satisfied with us

Although Henry Chichele Primary School in Higham Ferrers had only 31 per cent of parents who completed the Ofsted questionnaire in February 2012 saying that they would recommend the school, this has substantially improved since then.

The latest figures from the March 2013 questionnaire show 88 per cent of parents would now recommend the school to other parents and the local authority judgement of the school in March stated that it is being well led and managed and is responding well to concerns raised by parents who receive valuable information about their child’ s progress.

Canon Roger Knight

Chairman of governors

Henry Chichele School

Medical staff are truly wonderful

Amid all the bad things being said about hospitals, Kettering General Hospital is brilliant.

May I say a big thank you to Weavers Medical Centre, ambulance staff and the A&E staff, the coronary surgeon and staff, and the coronary care unit at the hospital.

All of these people played a part in saving my life after suffering a heart attack.

Nothing was too much for them and they looked after me with 100 per cent dignity.

John Rush


Nobody policing no-entry rules

I write with reference to Corby Council and the local police.

What is the point of putting up no-entry signs for private vehicles between 8am and 6pm in the town if nobody appears to care enough to police the areas?

Having waited at the bus stop at Primark, I saw a number of private vehicles driving both sides of the road without a worry of being stopped or fined.

A police car even followed one through without stopping him.

The authorities should either police the area or dismantle the sign.

They can’t have it both ways.

J Brown


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Demolition of factory is so sad

It is with great sadness that I watch the demolition of the old Kaycee Clothing factory in Dryden Street, which is a relic of the once thriving clothing and boot and shoe manufacturing industry in Kettering.

I started as a warehouse boy
soon after leaving school in 1961, moving on to be the van driver as soon as I got my driving licence. It was the most wonderfully friendly place to work, helped no doubt by it being a part of the Co-operative movement and therefore having worker representation on the board of management.

I vividly remember being spoiled to death by the canteen ladies at the Corby machine room and having a crush on a georgous young machinist which did me no good at all, being stick-thin with bright ginger hair and covered in freckles.

Unfortunately a feature of the clothing industry was its poor pay, and I left in search of more money, but soon returned having missed the comradeship.

I was fortunate enough to finish up as the cloth buyer, which was the most enjoyable job I ever had.

On Kaycee’s demise I joined another of Kettering’s long established clothing manufacturers, Wallis & Linnell in School Lane, until they too fell victim to cheap imports.

I well remember the heartbreak of being kept on by the receiver to help sell off the stock and other assets until the factory and offices were stripped bare.

I have wonderful memories of working in the clothing industry in Kettering, and if it had survived I am certain that my working life would have been emotionally, if not financially, far more rewarding.

Fred Beasley


National Service colleague search

I am wondering if your readers can help me to find a national serviceman by the name of “Jock” Morrison.

We were both doing National Service in Germany in 1956.

The address he gave me on demob was Braybrooke Road, Desborough. If anyone knows of his whereabouts can they email me.

I would be grateful.

Mick Dunford

By email

Plan ahead to avoid congestion

Re: the bridge work disruption letter about the railway bridge in Pytchley Road, Kettering, from Barbara Murkit.

I remember walking under this bridge more than 40 years ago, being concerned at the amount of rainwater that was seeping through the brickwork, forming a potential weakness in the construction.

I informed the British Rail manager at Leicester. I then received a letter stating it had been checked and was quite safe.

It would seem now that this has continued all these years and the walls of the bridge are now in a dangerous condition.

Some map reading, forward planning, car sharing, alteration of routes by drivers affected would be better than a Bangladesh type disaster, instead of complaining.

Diane Bulley



Sir, further to the story about local McDonald’s donating used coffee grounds to Brook-farm Allotment Society, may I point out there are four allotment societies in Wellingborough, contact details for all of them can be found by going to the Wellingborough Council website and looking for allotments and how to contact them.

Peter Jackson

By email

Will we be told cost of the land?

Will the people of Corby be told the selling price of the land for the proposed Odeon cinema before it’s sold?

If it is as cheap as the land sold to Tesco will Corby Council allow me to have first

We really don’t want another fiasco where prime land is sold to multi-nationals for peanuts.

Rob Gilgannon