Youngsters dig deep to help out at Corby hospice

Team 17 have been working on the garden at Lakelands Hospice in Corby
Team 17 have been working on the garden at Lakelands Hospice in Corby

A group of youngsters rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in with some cutting, planting and weeding in the garden at Lakelands Hospice.

The team of 13 young people have been taking part in the National Citizen Service scheme and decided to show their support for the hospice in Butland Road, Corby, as part of this.

The scheme’s aims are to promote social cohesion, social mobility and social engagement, which includes getting involved in their local community.

Sue Hall from the hospice said: “Team 17 chose Lakelands Hospice as their project after having a discussion and decided that we were a charity close to their hearts.

“The team planned a fundraising event selling cakes and doing party games on Saturday, August 19.

“They raised a total of £141.37.

“They spent £78.90 on compost, plants and bulb for the hospice gardens and donated the balance of £62.47 to the hospice.”

The group spent two full days working in the hospice gardens this week, with their efforts including cutting hedges, planting bulbs and flowers, weeding and painting fencing.

Sue added: “Thank you Team 17 for the hard work that you have taken part in.

“You have made such a difference to our garden space, something we hope that you are all very proud of.”

Lakelands Hospice is an independent charity committed to delivering the best possible practice and development of specialist palliative care for people with cancer, heart failure and other life-limiting illnesses.

It is entirely funded by voluntary donations and support from the community.

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