Young vandals delay play area’s opening

Irthlingborough town councillors
Irthlingborough town councillors

A NEW play area is being built for people to enjoy, but progress on the facility has been hindered by children who have been vandalising the site at night.

Irthlingborough Town Council has been working to deliver the £30,000 new play area at Les O’Dell park since local people said they wanted the facility during a consultation carried out several years ago.

The play area is now being built and the aim is for work on it to be completed in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

But the work has been delayed by youngsters who have been sneaking onto the site at night.

Cllr Lesley Callnon, who is chairman of the town council’s premises and assets committee, said: “The issue we are having is that every night kids are going in and they are playing on the equipment before it’s properly installed.”

Cllr Callnon said because of this, the work had taken longer than planned.

All of the equipment was set to be installed by the end of the day yesterday and all that remains to be done after that is for a special wet pore surface to be put down.

She said: “The aim is to have the park area up and running and useable by the jubilee weekend.”

Cllr Callnon said the town council was thankful to Sovereign, the firm which had been doing the work on the park, as the workers had persevered, despite the fact that they had gone to the park morning after morning to find their hard work from the day before had been messed about with overnight.

She said the workmen had got in to find the intruders had been playing on the new playground equipment, causing it to move before the concrete on the ground had had a chance to set, and they had dug holes for poles to go in only to find the next morning that they had been filled in.

Cllr Callnon said the experience with vandalism at the site might have implications for plans to create another new play area for Crow Hill in Irthlingborough. She said: “The vandalism that’s occurred and potentially stalled the Les O’Dell project may well affect anything that happens up at Crow Hill.”