Young stars ready to shine in Annie

A Rare Productions production of Annie
A Rare Productions production of Annie

Young stars will take to the stage for their turn in the spotlight as they perform Annie the musical.

The talented performers have been through a strict audition process to earn the chance to star in Rare Production’s latest show, which is at the Lighthouse theatre in Kettering from Thursday, February 12, to Saturday, February 14.

Starring a cast of 80 young people, taken from an open audition, this classic musical, featuring well known hits such as Tomorrow, Maybe and Hard Knock Life, will showcase some of Kettering’s best young talent.

Based on the strip cartoon Little Orphan Annie, it is the story of Annie (played by Charlotte Crosier and Lorelei Connolly), an orphan living in an orphanage run by the sadistic Miss Hannigan (Kim Chamberlain), and her quest to find her real parents.

She is invited to spend Christmas at the home of billionaire Oliver Warbucks (Thomas Cove), who offers to help Annie in her quest.

Enlisting the help of his powerful friends, including the President of the United States, the search for Annie’s parents produces some unexpected results, but although it turns out that her parents died a long time ago, the story has a very happy conclusion.

Director Thomas Cove said: “It’s astonishing how much hard work the cast has put into this show at rehearsals in the last three months, our set of 12 main orphans, our mains and our ensemble have all worked hard to focus their abilities to make this a really great show.

“I can’t wait to share the finished show with you, and I know the cast can’t either, so make sure you come down and watch.”

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