Yobs throwing stones at cars in Corby

Police said that they have received 11 reports of stones being thrown in the past two weeks
Police said that they have received 11 reports of stones being thrown in the past two weeks

Drivers say they are having to run a gauntlet of yobs throwing stones at moving cars in Corby.

Motorists using Gretton Brook Road, close to the Dunlop Close Travellers’ site, say their vehicles are regularly pelted with stones which could cause a serious accident.

Police said that they have received 11 such reports in just the past two weeks.

Residents say that the culprits are coming from the Travellers’ site managed by Corby Council.

But police have been unable to catch the stone-throwers.

The road is unlit and is extremely dark at night, with an unfenced brook running the whole length of one side of the road.

One Gretton resident, Terri Meechan, had stones thrown at her car.

She said: “I was going to Asda and it was pouring with rain and a little lad of about eight at the entrance to the site was just throwing stones at the passing cars.

“Thankfully he missed my car but it could easily cause someone to swerve into the ditch there.

“It’s not like they are older children - they are very young and it’s a shame their parents are not watching what they are doing.”

Police have recorded 11 incidents on the road in just two weeks.

There was one on November 12, one on November 13 and six on November 15, when witnesses said it was foggy.

Then the children struck again on November 22 and 24. There were a further two reports to police on November 25.

Witnesses have described the offenders as being of varying ages ranging from eight to their early teens.

Police have visited the Travellers’ site several times but have not been able to identify the culprits.

Insp Vaughan Clarke from the county force said: “We are aware of a number of reports of young children throwing stones at cars in the Gretton Brook Road area.

“In light of these incident, we are increasing our patrols in the area at the times when these problems have been happening.

“We would also ask all parents in the Gretton Brook Road area to advise their children of the risks such actions present, not only to the drivers of the vehicles they target, but also to themselves.”