Wrestlers help raise funds for skull charity

Charlie Coles, Marky Davis, Harry Coles, organisor Nick Ashberry and Mister Monster
Charlie Coles, Marky Davis, Harry Coles, organisor Nick Ashberry and Mister Monster

Some young fans of extreme wrestling were delighted when the organiser stepped in to help raise money for a charity that supports them.

Charlie Coles and Marky Davis were born with the rare condition craniosynostis, which means their skulls didn’t develop as they should.

Both boys had surgery and now lead normal lives thanks to the charity Headlines.

Charlie’s mum, Jackie, said: “They had their skulls taken apart, rebuilt and put back together again, and it’s all thanks to Headlines.

“Because what they had is so little known we struggled to get help.

“Charlie’s brother Harry picked up a leaflet about the Extreme American Wrestling show at the Pemberton Centre in Rushden and as it is so close to us we started going.

“The boys loved it because it is a huge family occasion. They’ve become big fans of Mister Monster and even dress up like him.

“We got chatting to the organiser Nick Ashberry and he suggested putting on a charity show to help us raise money for Headlines, and they raised over £900.

“I can’t thank Nick and the team enough. They have been absolutely amazing.

“They have asked about making Headlines their nominated charity so they can raise money for them at every show and they want to make the fundraiser an annual Christmas event.”

Nick said: “We had seen the boys at our shows and when we found out about Headlines we were more than willing to help.

“The shows we put on at the Pemberton Centre and at the Masonic complex in Rockingham Road, Corby, are very family friendly so it is good to help a charity that supports families as well.”

Jackie added: “If any parent thinks there is something wrong with their child they should follow their gut instincts.

“I kept getting told there was nothing wrong with Charlie but I wouldn’t give up.”

For details about Headlines go to www.headlines.org.uk.