Works to be done at infant school

A TOWN school which was built in the 1960s is set to get a makeover as part of work to correct structural problems.

A double mobile classroom is set to be installed at Whitefriars Infant School in Boughton Drive, Rushden, to create extra classroom space for youngsters to learn in while the work is carried out in classrooms inside the school building this summer.

The school is the latest in a number of county schools to have remedial works done as part of a rolling programme aimed at fixing structural problems which have come about as the result of the 1960s design and specification the schools were originally built to.

The work at Whitefriars Infant School is set to begin in June and it is expected to be completed in September or October.

The school’s headteacher Deborah Stewart said the double mobile classroom would become home to the school’s oldest pupils, children in Year 2, while the work was carried out, but as a lot of outdoor sessions were planned for the summer to coincide with the Olympic Games, there would not be too much disruption for any of the pupils.

She said the school would have new windows, new doors, a new roof and a full redecoration as part of the works.

She said: “A lot of the work is going on over the summer holidays so we are quite fortunate.

“Hopefully it will be the least disruptive time of year to have the work done and I think we can see the benefits in the end.

“The main disruption is having to pack up classrooms and all the things we are going to need to allow the builders access to the classrooms.

“The builders have brought us some photographs of other schools that have been done to show the significant difference it makes in the classrooms.”

Whitefriars Infant School is one of 10 county schools which is having repair work done as part of the third phase of the rolling repairs programme.

Work was done at 11 county schools as part of phases one and two of the programme.