Workplace Challenge promotes health and fitness across county

A workplace challenge event run by Northamptonshire Sport
A workplace challenge event run by Northamptonshire Sport

A new scheme to encourage people in the workplace to become more active and healthier is being launched across Northamptonshire from the New Year.

The Workplace Challenge is part of a national campaign targeting businesses with the aim of promoting a wide range of activities, challenges and inter-workplace competitions including offers of incentives and innovative methods to stay active.

The challenge is free to join and the first phase will be launched across 28 counties in January 2014.

Sarah McVeigh is physical activity co-ordinator at Northamptonshire Sport.

She said: “Leicestershire and Rutland Sport have done it for the last two years and it’s been really successful.

“Whether it’s getting off the bus one stop early or going for a run – however big or small, they can log it online.”

The Activity Log is a free online challenge running from Monday, January 6, for eight weeks.

People can log their levels of sport, physical activity and active travel online and compete with other workplaces, colleagues and friends.

The more activities done, the more points that are given – and points mean prizes.

Participants can make small changes like taking a walk at lunchtime, cycling to work or getting off the bus one stop earlier than usual.

The scheme’s competition programme is a series of inter-workplace sporting competitions for people to take part in.

Each competition has links with either a local sports club or “Back2” sports programme so that people can have the option to continue with the activity after the competition ends.

Participants can try their skills and compete against other workplaces in sports like softball, handball, golf, hockey, touch rugby and angling.

All events are low cost, with no experience necessary and an emphasis on fun.

The Business Games provides workplaces with the opportunity to battle it out to be crowned Northamptonshire’s number one sporting workplace.

Businesses take part in a range of team sports alongside a series of fun sporting challenges in this one day event.

Sign up and get active

The Workplace Challenge provides workplaces with the tools to get active, as the website provides information on sports activities, programmes and events taking place across the county as well as initiatives that can be developed in the workplace. Register online by logging on to