Workers angry over company’s pay cuts

WORKERS at a food factory are seeking help from Unite the union over proposed pay cuts.

More than 100 employees of Puredrive Fine Foods, in Causeway Road, Corby, attended a packed meeting with a representative of the union Unite.

It is claimed 20 workers at the firm are to lose their jobs and the company is to impose an 11 per cent pay cut. Puredrive, which produces prepared meats, declined to comment.

A member of staff, who asked not to be named, said he will lose £200 a month.

He said: “They had a meeting and put a notice on the board saying there were 20 redundancies and an 11 per cent cut in wages.

“It is just the factory floor – they haven’t touched the management or the office staff.

“We don’t want to agree to the 11 per cent but they are telling us we don’t have a choice.

“The atmosphere is terrible in there.

“I’m losing £200 a month which is a lot. They are putting more and more people on the breadline. There hasn’t been a pay rise for four years.”

The meeting for workers was organised by Corby and Kettering Trade Union Council and was held at Lodge Park Sports Centre, Corby, on Friday.

Chairman of the trade union council Stewart Campbell said: “Complaints had been made by Puredrive employees regarding sizeable reductions in pay and terms of conditions without meaningful consultations.

“The meeting demonstrated the anger felt that such measures could be imposed without meaningful consultation with Puredrive employees. We believe how these workers have been treated is unacceptable. “

Mr Campbell said that as a result of the meeting Puredrive employees are now in the process of organising their workplace with the help of Unite the union.