Work under way on improved endoscopy services at KGH

Staff at KGH's endoscopy unit
Staff at KGH's endoscopy unit

Work has started on a £2.6m plan to improve Kettering General Hospital’s endoscopy services.

On January 9 contractors set up a works unit on the slip road/car parking bays which run alongside the sterile services unit on the Rothwell Road side of the site.

Contractors moved in mid-January and work began on the decontamination unit

Contractors moved in mid-January and work began on the decontamination unit

They will build a new decontamination unit which will join up with the existing sterile services unit, taking up an area which is currently grass and paving.

The new decontamination unit will form part of a much bigger refurbishment of the whole endoscopy department and an expansion of the procedures rooms in the unit from four to five.

Having the fifth endoscopy room – and the new decontamination unit - will be a major boost for the trust allowing it to take on significantly more bowel screening work.

Endoscopy service manager Tina Brooks said: “This major improvement to the trust’s endoscopy facilities will provide us with significant extra capacity to carry out more work.

“This will be great news for local people because we will be able to offer bowel scope screening to many more people.

“Screening provides a very valuable diagnostic test that can enable us to detect pre-cancerous polyps and growths to prevent cancer or ensure patients get early treatment.

“It will also mean our existing facilities are modernised and significantly refurbished providing an improved environment for both patients and staff.”