Work to tackle problems in Rowlett ward, Corby

Rowlett Road in Corby
Rowlett Road in Corby

Residents living in the Rowlett ward in Corby have told officers they are pleased with the work by police and borough council in response to drink and nuisance issues in the area.

Anti-social behaviour as a result of drunkenness and rowdiness was raised as a priority issue by people in the area, in particular those living in Carey Drive and Rowlett Road.

But recent feedback from residents, canvassed by PCSO Olivia Stinson, confirmed there are no current issues.

Sergeant Nigel Roberts, of Corby Safer Community Team, said: “This is very encouraging feedback and reflects the hard work being put in by the police and the council.

“Through the Joint Action Group (JAG), we are working hard to address those issues that matter most to people who live and work in the town.”