Work progresses on Wellingborough’s new crematorium

Work on the new crematorium in Wellingborough
Work on the new crematorium in Wellingborough

Work is progressing on the new crematorium being built in Wellingborough.

Construction work started on the crematorium in March this year and is taking shape ahead of its scheduled opening planned for summer next year.

How the new crematorium will look

How the new crematorium will look

In the past few months, the 11-acre site off Doddington Road has been levelled out to allow the building work to get under way.

All the foundations are now in place and the steel frame has been put up.

The crematorium is being built by Wates Construction and the firm has said it will be using local craftsmen as much as possible for the project.

A newsletter produced by Wates to keep people up-to-date on the project said: “In the next few weeks we will be pouring the concrete floor slabs and undertaking the superstructure brick and block work.

“By Christmas we will have the external wall substantially complete and be ready to install the roof.

“In the New Year we will complete the roof and install the windows which will mean the building will be fully watertight, enabling us to commence the internal finishing trades.”

The £5.5m project was first discussed by Wellingborough councillors back in 2011 and, after extensive research and consultation, detailed planning permission was unanimously granted in January this year.

The cost of the project – about £1.3m for the land and £4.2m for the build – is being paid for out of the council’s capital budget, which is money in the bank saved for large projects that benefit the community.

Capital funds can’t be used by law for the running of day-to-day services, but any income generated from capital projects can help fund related services.

A spokesman for Wellingborough Council said: “The construction project is currently on programme and the summer 2016 opening is still realistic.”

People living in the Wellingborough area currently have to use the crematorium in Rothwell Road, Kettering.