Woman to take legal action after being '˜savaged' by dog in Grendon field

A woman is to take legal action against the owner of a dog which attacked her in Grendon.

Tuesday, 10th January 2017, 5:00 am
Lisa Jones.

Lisa Jones, 28, was walking her shih-poo in September 2014 when she heard something running towards her.

A rottweiler and a Staffordshire bull terrier then appeared at her feet.

She instinctively picked up her small dog and tried to walk away but she says the rottweiler launched itself at her, sinking its teeth into her arm right to the bone.

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As Lisa screamed out in pain, she tried to pull away and fell to ground with the vicious dog on her back.

The mum of one said: “I was screaming out for somebody to help me while trying to get my dog to run away, but she just barked in a bid to protect me.

“This massive rottweiler had got a taste of me and was on my back, pinning me down.

“I didn’t feel any pain at that point as I was just in shock, but when nobody came I started to feel terrified.

“I honestly thought nobody was coming while I was lying on my front in a farmer’s field with this dog that had taken a chunk out of my arm on my back.”

An owner of a house which backed on to the field came out with a shovel and forced the dog off of Lisa’s back.

Lisa had to have an operation on her arm after the event, which left her so scared she has moved from Grendon to Olney in Buckinghamshire.

She said: “It only dawned on me then, as I was standing there with a lump of my own flesh in my hand, what could have happened to me if nobody had come.

“It was terrifying and I have suffered nightmares since.”

Andrew Zajac, a personal injury specialist lawyer from Slater and Gordon, which is representing Lisa, said: “People who own large and potentially dangerous dogs have a duty to keep those animals under control and not allow them to attack.

“Lisa suffered a traumatic assault that left her with physical and mental scars.

“It affected her so badly that she had to move home.

“Now we are looking for witnesses or anyone who may have information about the dog to contact us.”

If you witnessed the attack, call Slater and Gordon on 020 7657 1555.