Woman says leaking home has made life a nightmare

Ann Anderson in her bedroom having to use buckets to catch the water
Ann Anderson in her bedroom having to use buckets to catch the water

A woman who says her leaking council flat is making her life a misery is asking to be rehomed.

Ann Anderson, 56, of Epsom Walk, Corby, says water has been leaking into her home from two balconies above, on and off, since 2008.

She said: “It’s been a nightmare. I want the council to find me somewhere else to live, as this situation is making me ill.

“It was so bad at the beginning of this month that I had to move in with friends. I’m back home now but sleeping in the living room.

“The council has carried out repairs but they haven’t addressed the root of the problem, which is the balconies above my house.”

Water is leaking into the bedroom and an airing cupboard where sections of the ceiling have come down. Water is also coming through the bathroom light fitting.

Mrs Anderson said: “It’s shocking I should be expected to live in these conditions.”

A spokesman for Corby Council said its tradesmen have carried out repairs on a number of occasions.

The spokesman said: “We understand that there was still an issue with leaking after these works had been carried out.

“Our contractors visited the property on January 10 and completed repair work to the balcony as well as fitting a new canopy. We have identified that new coping stones will also need to be fitted to complete the repair work.”