Woman mugged for £2

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A woman was pulled to the ground by the hair by two violent female muggers and then kicked repeatedly – all for the sake of just £2.

Elizabeth Brown led the violent attack with Hayley Jacobsen on the defenceless Slovakian woman after a demand for the cash was turned down.

Only after hauling her to the floor and emptying her pockets were the pair satisfied that the victim had no money and let her go.

The attack took place in Rockingham Road, Kettering, on April 3 last year at about 9.40pm.

At Northampton Crown Court Brown, 29, of Sackville Street, Kettering, was jailed for 12 months for her part in the attempted robbery.

Jacobsen, 26, of Silver Street, Kettering, was also jailed for 12 months at a hearing in December.

Brown’s sentencing had been delayed after she failed to turn up for an earlier hearing.

Sentencing her, Judge Richard Bray said: “The victim must have been absolutely terrified during the attack.”

The court heard how the pair first spoke to the victim when they asked for and received a cigarette, before walking away.

However, soon after, Brown returned and demanded £2.

Prosecuting, Alex Ball, said: “The victim said she had no money, then Brown pulled her by the hair and to the ground where the two people kicked her in the body while demanding the money.”

The victim suffered bruising to her body following the incident.

CCTV footage was used to identify Jacobsen and after she was arrested police officers tracked down Brown.

Defending for Brown, Ammo Baines said she had missed the initial sentencing hearing because a friend had died after a drug overdose.

She also said Brown was bullied into committing the offence by Jacobsen.

This claim, however, was thrown out by Judge Bray on Friday.