Woman left lying on floor after fit

Barton Seagrave Elaine Howell, epilepsy sufferer:'19/01/12
Barton Seagrave Elaine Howell, epilepsy sufferer:'19/01/12

An epileptic woman who had a seizure at a bus stop has spoken out after two women left her laying on the ground.

Elaine Howell said the women had no way of knowing if she was dead or alive after she suffered a seizure while at the bus stop opposite Grays Field in Polwell Lane, Barton Seagrave, on Tuesday.

Yet they looked on as she lay on the floor, not moving, and then climbed aboard their bus without helping.

Instead, a kind passer-by who was 50 yards away raced to her aid and walked her home.

Elaine, 48, of Polwell Lane, does not move when she has a seizure but falls to the ground and lies completely still. She said: “I could have been having a heart attack, a stroke, how could they have just walked off?”

The recruitment consultant has suffered from epilepsy since 1986. It is believed she has the illness because she was delivered by forceps, bruising her temporal lobe.

She has had brain surgery twice to lessen her symptoms, but there is no cure. She often has small seizures, which involve her sitting motionless and staring, but occasionally she will have a worse seizure where she falls to the gound.

She said: “I just remember coming round while I was walking back towards my house thanks to a man named Michael who saw me fall to the ground and ran to help. I want to say thank you to him for his help.

“After living with epilepsy for nearly 30 years, I am constantly amazed by the stigma that still exists. There are 300 to 400 people in Kettering alone who have it.”

Elaine is writing a book about her experiences called Fit For Life.