Woman gives birth to octopus

The biggest news story of recent times, if not ever, has to be the one from America about the woman who recently gave birth to the octopus. We all know that nature can produce some quirky happenings, but surely this has to be one of the most amazing occurrences ever.

The woman has made no attempt to deny that she had an intimate relation with an adult octopus, although to be completely fair, no one of the press has really asked her about this side of things.

One of the most surprising aspects of this story from across the pond, is how the American public has turned on her with such venom and disgust.' The most hated woman in America' is how she has been described. I would have thought a great deal more compassion and understanding would have been appropriate, considering the obvious difficulties involved in raising and caring for a bizarre sea creature such as this. As a father myself, and one who was present at the birth of his two children, my sympathy extends greatly to her husband, who must indeed be in a state of shock. He will surely never be able to perform in certain of the more intimate aspects of marriage.


Andy Wright, Manor Field, Bridge Street