Woman given parking ticket 16 minutes after arriving at Kettering shop, despite making purchase

The B&Q car park in Meadow Road.
The B&Q car park in Meadow Road.

A woman has hit out after receiving a ‘scandalous’ parking ticket despite seemingly abiding by a car park’s stipulations.

Susan Morgan was hit with a fine just 16 minutes after parking in the B&Q car park in Meadow Road - although the ticket has since been cancelled.

She originally left the car park before coming back and making a purchase 35 minutes later, within the one-hour time limit, and says if that isn’t allowed it must be made clearer.

Miss Morgan, 33, said: “I went to my local B&Q store and I planned to go in as a customer and buy some gardening tools but left the car park before coming back.

“They’ve tried to say that I should not have left the premises.

“They made assumptions [that I wouldn’t come back] even though as a customer you can be there for one hour. It’s just so petty.

“If they acted after an hour then fair enough but that was not the case.

“If you’re not allowed to leave and then come back it needs to be clearer, it’s scandalous.”

Miss Morgan says she felt it was important that others were made aware of her troubles.

She entered the car park at 12.53pm on Saturday, July 22, and was given a ticket at 1.09pm.

She says she has a receipt that proves she made a purchase at 1.29pm.

She added: “We were planning on spending thousands of pounds in B&Q but now I do not feel like going back.”

The car park is not managed by B&Q but by Total Parking Solutions, meaning staff in-store were unable to help.

A B&Q spokesman said: “The car park at B&Q Kettering is owned and managed by a third party.

“We are not involved with the day-to-day management of the car park and would advise Ms Morgan get in touch with them directly using the phone number provided on the back of the ticket.”

Total Parking Solutions did not respond to the Northants Telegraph’s request for a comment.