Woman finds glass in tapas at popular Kettering restaurant

Kettering's Kino Lounge NNL-160303-152500001
Kettering's Kino Lounge NNL-160303-152500001

A woman has told of her shock after biting into a tapas dish in a popular Kettering restaurant – only to spit out lumps of glass.

Zoe Stephenson, 31, made the trip from Corby to Kino Lounge in Market Place to enjoy their Tapas Tuesday special offer.

But after tucking into a plate of pulled chicken and potatoes, she noticed an unusual crunch – and was horrified when she found two chunks of glass.

She said: “I was eating half of it when I noticed two lumps of glass.

“They offered me a replacement dish but I did not want to eat anything else from there.

“I now find myself checking everything I eat.

“You can almost expect to find something like a hair but you never expect to find glass.”

The disgusted diner later went to hospital with injuries which may have been obtained by swallowing fragments of the glass.

She also says that despite several complaints, Kino Lounge have failed to reply to her.

She added: “I went home and had to go to A&E because I had a sharp pain in my throat.

“They think I swallowed some glass and it scratched my insides, it feels like there is something constantly there.

“I was told they thought the glass had come from a jar which the sauce was in but I’m worried this could happen again.

“I want to make sure people are aware about it. I certainly won’t be eating there again.”

Kino Lounge is part of the successful Loungers chain, which also owns Wellingborough’s Castello Lounge and is set to open Paletto Lounge in Corby in August.

It currently possesses the maximum food hygiene score of five out of five.

Loungers’ East Midlands operations manager Craig Williams says they have conducted a thorough review of their in-house procedures.

He said: “All lounges are subject to external and internal rigorous food hygiene audits in line and beyond industry standards.

“We are proud that Kino Lounge rates the maximum five stars as awarded by environmental health officers – additionally the officers visited Kino Lounge last week and were very happy with our standards and the staff’s awareness and controls towards possible cross-contamination.

“We are aware an incident occurred at the site and have conducted and concluded a thorough review of our in-house procedures and ensured all our team are aware of them.”

The Kettering branch currently has the maximum score of five in the food hygiene rating scheme.

After receiving a complaint, Kettering Council inspected the restaurant but it says there were no potential sources of glass which could have contaminated food.

A spokesman said: “The inspecting officer was advised that, when the management on site at Kino Lounge were made aware of this matter by the complainant, they acted as we would expect by checking the kitchen for any potential sources of broken glass and disposing of the remaining food in the kitchen, which was the alleged source of the complaint, as a precaution.

“At our visit there were no potential sources of glass in the food preparation area which could contaminate food.

“We do not have the alleged glass to be able to carry out any further investigation as to possible source.

“The evidence that we have indicates that Kino Lounge have robust management systems in place to prevent this type of incident.”