Witnesses recall moments before fatal punch

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Witnesses have told a jury their accounts of the street fight which resulted in the death of Kevin Harrison.

Yesterday Luton Crown Court was told Mr Harrison, of Raunds, had deliberately barged into a young man outside a nightclub in Bedford.

It was claimed that incident led to the violence that left Mr Harrison lying in the road in St Paul’s Square.

He died in hospital a week later.

Ravi Sandhu, 24, is alleged to have thrown the punch at Mr Harrison in the early hours of Sunday, September 11.

Sandhu of Kathie Road, Bedford, denies a charge of manslaughter.

Giving evidence yesterday, Arun Gharu said that he had been out that night with a large group of his family – including Sandhu – to celebrate a cousin’s birthday.

Mr Gharu said around 3.50am he and some of the group, including Sandhu, were standing outside the Hi-Fi nightclub in High Street waiting for some of their group to leave so they could all make their way home together.

Mr Gharu said he was talking to a friend when Mr Harrison deliberately barged into him.

He said: “It didn’t seem accidental, the way he barged him – I did acknowledge he was drunk. He walked further on but then he turned around and looked at us.

“I remember saying: ‘Why did you push my friend, he is smaller than you’ and then he said: ‘What are you going to do about it?’.”

Mr Gharu said Mr Harrison then said: “Oh it’s the whole family, I’m so scared.”

He said: “I felt he was saying it in a racist manner that we were Asian.

“I noticed he walked towards Ravi.”

Mr Gharu said Mr Harrison threw a punch at Sandhu and pinched him as well.

A police officer split them up and Mr Gharu said he and the group moved off around the corner into St Paul’s Square, where they stopped by a bus stop.

He said moments later Mr Harrison walked into the square.

Mr Gharu said: “He looked directly at us and he was laughing.

“He said: ‘Oh it’s the whole family’ again and he walked towards us.”

Mr Gharu said on reaching his group, Mr Harrison was punched.

He said: “I didn’t see the full impact but I realised who had hit him.”

Mr Gharu’s brother Aman told the jury Sandhu had thrown the punch at Mr Harrison. He said: “I was shocked and scared and everybody ran off.”