Witch Lynda’s first spooky tale released

Lynda Panther
Lynda Panther

A practising witch says she drew on her own experiences in her first novel – a supernatural thriller about catching a murderer.

Lynda Panther, of Brampton Close, Burton Latimer, became interested in witchcraft in the 1960s and says she still uses techniques like meditation on a daily basis. The retired analytical chemist, who spent her working life with a number of Northamptonshire firms, said she decided to pen her first book after being made redundant.

After spending 18 months writing the book – called Witch in Blood – Mrs Panther found an agent and then spent a year trying to find a publisher.

She has now self-published the novel, which is the first part of a planned series. The book tells the story of a witch attempting to solve the murder of her sister using unusual means.

Mrs Panther said: “The story borrows from my experiences of being a witch.

“Witchcraft is not so much about what you do, but how you feel.

“It is about realising the whole world is sacred and understanding there are different ways of tackling problems.

“So, for example, if you find a situation intolerable you can change your mind through meditation or change your situation.”

Mrs Panther said her book is the story of a woman who has to come to terms with the impossible.

She added: “She has to deal with an awful situation, the murder of her sister, by doing dangerous things herself.”

The book can be bought at www.amazon.co.uk.