Winning war on yobs and thieves

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Figures released by the police show the war is being won against criminals who make day-to-day life a misery.

Although violent crime has increased in the north of the county, figures for the past year show the county force has achieved major successes in tackling vandalism, house break-ins, vehicle crime and drug offences.

Anne Lee, a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator in the Pipers Hill area of Kettering, said: “Obviously an increase in violent crime is worrying but it is anti-social behaviour, the vandals and the people who key people’s cars, who have an impact on our daily lives.

“These are the crimes people want to see resolved.

“In our area it is vandalism that bothers people but the Neighbourhood Watch scheme is making a difference.

“We pass our concerns on to the police and they do target the issues we are concerned about.”

Michael Norton, of Woodland Road, Rushden, said: “I have no real perception about whether crime is better or worse than it used to be but that’s the case for most people, unless they become a victim.

“What I do know is that I have every respect for our police officers who do a great job at a time when they are facing cuts.”

In Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough offences of criminal damage went down and there were fewer house break-ins in East Northamptonshire and Kettering. Vehicle thefts went down in Corby.

In Corby the end of year figures showed a 16 per cent reduction in anti-social behaviour, with 750 fewer incidents, and 115 fewer offences of criminal damage.

Insp Gary Williams, at Corby police station, said: “We ended the year in a position of strength. Satisfaction with and confidence in the police has never been better.

“The reduction in crime is the result of the hard work of my officers and PCSOs and partnership working with other agencies.”