William Boulter

Sgt William Ewart Boulter
Sgt William Ewart Boulter

William Ewart Boulter was 23 and a sergeant in the 6th Battalion of the Northamptonshire Regiment on July 14, 1916. He was at Trones Wood in France when he showed extreme bravery.

One company and part of another was held up in the attack on a wood by a hostile machine-gun, causing heavy casualties.

Sgt Boulter, with utter contempt of danger, and in spite of being wounded in the shoulder, advanced alone over open ground under heavy fire, in front of the gun and bombed the gun team from their position.

This act not only saved many casualties, but helped the operation of clearing the enemy out of the wood.

Boulter, who was born on October 14, 1892, later achieved the rank of lieutenant. He was cremated at Putney Vale Crematorium, having died in June 1955.