Will these be the movies of 2014?

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This is set to be a year full of unbelievable movies that will leave you speechless; so here are just a few blockbusters that are set to blow your mind throughout this year.

The first movie on our list is the much-awaited sequel to The Amazing Spiderman.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 follows Spiderman, played by Andrew Garfield, as a new mysterious company is making supervillains to hunt him down and kill him.

He will have to deal with these new and improved villains, while keeping his mysterious masked identity under wraps, and also dealing with his feelings for his romantic interest Mary Jane, played by Emma Stone.

Set to be released on May 2, Spiderman fans will certainly not be disappointed.

The next movie sure to enthuse any fairytale lover is the new twist on an old classic, Maleficent.

Due to come out on May 30, is the newest fairy tale in a timeless collection, which twists the old classic Sleeping Beauty.

It tells the tale from the viewpoint of the villainous Maleficent, portrayed by Angelina Jolie.

Sharing her side of the tale, Maleficent tells why she decided to curse the Princess Aurora, and what exactly turned her heart to stone.

This beautiful new tale will be a treat for all of those who love a fairytale, but also favour a villain.

June 6 will be a day that plays host to one of the best selling books by John Green coming to life on our screens.

The Fault in our Stars, the intense, witty, and heartbreaking book by John Green, follows the life of terminal cancer patient Hazel Grace Lancaster.

We see her life as she has to deal with her illness, and be a grenade to everyone around her.

We witness the special moment she has when meeting Augustus – or Gus – Waters, and the even more special moment where they fall in love.

Set to bring tears of laughter as well as tears of heartbreak, The Fault in our Stars will definitely be a winning blockbuster for all.

The final movie set to wow audiences this year is another sequel, 22 Jump Street.

Once again Schmidt and Jenko are taking up positions as undercover agents, but unlike 21 Jump Street, not as high school students; instead, they will be making their return as college students.

Schmidt, played by Jonah Hill, and Jenko, played by Channing Tatum, are set to go back to college undercover, to break the newest criminal.

June 13 is set to be a day full of laughs and hysterics, as the best police duo since Starsky and Hutch are making their return. This is one movie that certainly should not be missed.

There it is, a few movies, among many, that should not be missed this year. Why not check them out?