WI members try their hand at pole dancing

Pole dancer Sinnead O'Donnell, with WI members Anne McAllister, Jean Dobbing, Rachel MacAllister and Faye Harry
Pole dancer Sinnead O'Donnell, with WI members Anne McAllister, Jean Dobbing, Rachel MacAllister and Faye Harry

If you thought the Women’s Institute was all about jam, Jerusalem and the perfect Victoria sandwich, think again.

A new branch of the WI has been launched in Little Stanion and it’s promising to be different.

It held its first meeting on Tuesday when members and visitors were treated to a display of pole dancing and they loved every minute of the demonstration by mum-of-two Sinnead O’Donnell, 24, who lives in Little Stanion.

She said: “Pole dancing is a great laugh and a fantastic way to get into shape and keep fit.

“I took it up after I had my second child and I taught pole dancing for a year. It’s lost its seedy image now and is just a great way to build up body strength, have fun and meet new friends. People can either go to classes, or buy their own pole and do it at home. It’s brilliant. It’s physically and mentally challenging and women of any age can enjoy it.”

After demonstrating a few moves on the pole at the meeting at Little Stanion Primary School, Sinnead answered questions and invited some WI members to have a go.

Karen Attrill, who lives in Little Stanion, has recently moved to the area from Kettering. She said: “I’ve never been to a WI meeting before but I’ll definitely consider coming back. Everyone has been so friendly.”

Irene Screen, who also lives in the new community, said: “It was the pole dancing that brought me here. I wanted to find out more about it and I’ve really enjoyed the evening.”

President of the branch Rachel MacAllister, 28, said: “I’d never been involved with the WI before but I went along to the initial meeting to set up the branch and decided to join.

“It’s not all jam and Jerusalem, the reality is different. We’re planning to set up a book club and to hold pamper evenings and wine-tasting sessions, as well as the more traditional activities.”

The branch will meet once a month and women from all over Corby are invited to join. The cost is £4 a session, or women can join the institute for £33 a year.

For more information on joining, email local WI adviser Sue Kendall on snooze@snooze-denbo.fsnet.uk or call WI House on 01604 646055.