Why has the PM hit the bottle?

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Thank you very much Mr Cameron. I find that on top of the granny tax imposed on me for acting responsibly and putting money into my pension to supplement that given by the state, I now find that I am to pay for the idiots that go out on our streets the worse for drink.

One of the few pleasures that I get as I get nearer to 80 than 70 years of age, is to sit with my wife and enjoy a glass of wine before our evening meal.

We talk of everything about our day passed and our plans for those hopefully to come.

We do not overindulge and are certainly no problem for the police or anyone else.

The only way our wonderful politicians can devise is to raise the price of a unit of alcohol so that all those of us that drink responsibly have to pay for those who do not.

If you think that this will change the behaviour of the youths who blight our streets you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

It is far more likely to change the minds of us who have supported you in the past.

I have seen the TV programmes of the late-night anti-social behaviour of these drunks, and so many times after an arrest they are released without charge.

Those taken to hospital are cared for and released after imposing a further strain on the health service.

Surely it would be a far better deterrent if there was an automatic fine of say £100 if arrested for drunk and disorderly, or drunk and incapable, and those requiring hospital treatment for their self inflicted condition should be required to contribute to their treatment.

Hit them personally in their pocket.

As an ex-police officer I know from experience that the accumulated effect of this is a certain deterrent.

Perhaps you may also consider getting the late-night establishments to contribute to wards the police costs.

Alex H Lee

East Langham Road,