Who’s wasting all the water?

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Where does all the water go?

Northamptonshire has an area of 915 sq miles, which is 2.37 billion sq metres. The rainfall in the village of Stanwick was 118.5mm in April. 1mm of rain falling on 1 sq metre equals 1 litre of water. 118.5mm equates to 118.5 litres of water per sq metre, therefore more than 280 billion litres of water fell on this county during April alone. The total reservoir capacity of Anglian Water is 214 billion litres.

This means that April’s rainfall, on Northamptonshire alone, would fill all their reservoirs from empty 1.3x, Rutland 2.4x, Grafham 5x, or Pitsford 17.7x.

My last account from Anglian Water, tells me I used 20 cubic metres of water. I was charged Sewerage on 18.0 cubic metres, so by their own admittance 90 per cent of the water I used was returned to them. What did they do with it all? Presumably after treatment it was sent on its way via the rivers to the North Sea where, it immediately became undrinkable.

Anglian Water also lost 20 per cent of all their water through leakage. We travel to the Moon and send probes into space. We transport billions of litres of oil around the planet every day. In one day we can have breakfast in Manchester, coffee in London, tea in Brussels and dinner in Paris, all by train, but seem incapable of moving water to the right place – something the Romans managed 2,000 years ago!

John Ellson

Thrapston Road,