Who’s got the noisiest neighbours?

The noisiest streets in the north of the county have been revealed
The noisiest streets in the north of the county have been revealed

Hundreds of complaints about noisy neighbours, loud music and barking dogs are being received by councils across our area, according to figures obtained by the Telegraph.

The figures revealed through Freedom of Information requests show the streets or wards which attracted the highest numbers of complaints in the last three years.

In Kettering, Highfield Road saw residents make the highest number of complaints (34), while Havelock Street (29) and Bath Road (24) were in second and third place.

Most of those complaints were about loud music and barking dogs, as well as general “noise from neighbours”.

In Corby, the three streets which attracted the most complaints were Gainsborough Road (24), Rockingham Road (23) and Argyll Street(19).

Alf Deacon, who lives off Argyll Street, said he had lived there for about two years.

He said: “I’m surprised because I don’t think Argyll Street is any worse than other places I’ve lived. Perhaps some complaints come about because one or two neighbours have disputes about other matters and then they make numerous complaints about noise.”

East Northamptonshire Council’s most complained-about street was actually in Corby, next to Rockingham Road Speedway.

Those complaints, 33 in total, were made by people living in East Northamptonshire Council villages about noise from the racetrack.

Among the other worst-hit streets in East Northamptonshire Council’s area were High Street South, in Rushden town centre, which had 18 complaints, mostly about loud music and “people” noise such as shouting or loud talking.

A spokesman for Wellingborough Council, which provided information at ward level rather than street level, said noise complaints tend to be investigated outside normal office hours, to get an accurate picture.

She added: “Officers assess the loudness, time of day, reasonableness, how often it happens and for how long it goes on, in making their decision about noise nuisance.

“We also investigate noise emergencies out of hours, such as the prolonged sounding of a house or vehicle alarm, noisy parties, and noise from licensed premises.”

In Wellingborough, the wards where most complaints were made were Croyland (107), Castle (98) and Brickhill (78).

Again, most complaints were about loud music and dogs, although there were also small numbers of complaints about alarms, both car and domestic, and about construction work.

All the councils said diaries or monitoring equipment are used to record noise.