Where is my polling station?

EU referendum, 23/6/16
EU referendum, 23/6/16

Confused about where to go to vote?

Fear not!

As long as you’re registered to vote in the EU referendum, you don’t need your polling card.

You can take a pen if you like, but there will be pencils available.

You can take children and you can take dogs (but you might have to tie them up outside. The dogs, not the children)

You can vote until 10pm.

Here is how to find out where you vote.

If you’re in Wellingborough, click here to find your polling station.

If you’re in Corby, there’s a map here. Click on your closest one and go there. If it’s the wrong one, they’ll tell you where to go.

For Kettering, voters can find out where to vote here

In East Northamptonshire, you see a list of polling stations here

The votes will be counted in the individual boroughs then phoned through to Kettering, where the returning officer for the whole of the East Midlands will be based. Results are expecting to start trickling in after midnight and the overall results is expected before 7am.